How to Download/Upload Contract Terms by Contract Word Add In?

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    We can edit the contract terms inside the Fusion Application OR outside the application using Contract Word Add In.

    You can edit contract terms offline using the Oracle Contracts Microsoft Word add-in and import the edits back into the application from the Word document.

    What versions of Microsoft Word can I use with Oracle Contracts?

    You can enter contract text in the Contract Terms Library or the Contract Terms tab using Microsoft Word. The versions of Microsoft Word that Oracle Contracts supports are listed on the System Requirements for Oracle Applications Cloud page (

      Steps to Download/Upload Contract Terms by Contract Word Add In


    1-  Install Oracle Contract Word Add In

    • - Under Edit Contract Page, click Contract Terms,
    • - Click Terms Actions - Download Add-in for Microsoft Word
    • - Install Oracle Contracts Add In for Microsoft Word - Follow "How to Install and Check Oracle Contracts Add-in for Microsoft Word (DocID 2368923.1)". 

    Note: Make sure re-start your computer after complete your installation and make sure you follow Appendix: Screenshots of the Word Document setup for ORACLE CONTRACTS Add In Enabled and working with Add In from DocID 2368923.1.


    2- Test DOWNLOAD /UPLOAD option in Oracle Contracts Add In

    Downloading the Contract Terms

    • - Click Download option
    • - Fillout Contract Number
    • - Click Search
    • - Click blue Check (Download) under Select field
    • - Select below download sources:
    • Source:
      • Regenerated contract terms: Downloads the contract based on the latest contract information and variables saved in the application. When you download a regenerated document, all tracked changes in the document are cleared. This is used as the default option when you are downloading your contract for the first time.
      • Last revision document: Downloads the latest revision copy that was uploaded against the contract. With this option, changes made in the application are not reflected in the downloaded contract document. Use this option when you want to keep changes (between previous versions) tracked in Microsoft Word. This is used as the default option after the contract is downloaded once.


       - Save your file in DOCX format. 


    Uploading Your Edits

    • - Click Upload and click Yes from the pop-up message


    Check the change from Fusion Application

    • - NAV to Contract
    • - Click Contract Management
    • - Click Terms Actions – Unlock Contract Terms
    • - Click Terms Actions – Resume Contract Upload
    • - Click Accept All Changes
    • - Click Refresh to see the change in Fusion Application

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