3 March 2020 Java in Education Working Group Meeting Minutes

Version 3


    Tuesday, 3 March 2020, 9 am PST






    Review current Java in Education how we can support and communicate the use of Java in educational environments.



    Heather VanCura, PMO

    Ken Fogel

    Mike DeNicola, Fujitsu

    Paul Buck, Eclipse Foundation

    Jessica Man, Goldman Sachs



    Heather reviewed the summary of our discussion on this topic from our February EC meeting. We focused the discussion on what EC Members can do to support and encourage Java in education.


    Some ideas for follow up include develop best practices for connecting developers to educators, providing tools such as online resources on Oracle Academy for teaching Java. Also, suggesting and modeling best practices such as scholarships for educators to attend conferences, and local meetings. We can also encourage submissions to conferences and nominate for awards (such as Duke’s Choice) or contests. We can encourage Java User Groups to work with local universities and students, either in person or remotely via zoom or platforms such as Crowdcast, and hold virtual meetings to get ideas.  


    Ken asked if anyone was aware of a project or workspace similar to Jupiter Notebook but for the Java community. We reviewed some of the links Paul had sent during our last meeting.





    Next Steps

    Heather to summarize meeting.

    Next meeting 17 March at 8:30 am PDT.