Please Book Your Certification Exam

Version 11

    For anyone with package C: we've enabled a tile on the course page which you can use to register for the certification exam.  The tile is specially rigged so that you'll have a zeroed balance when accessing Pearson VUE.  You should have booked your first exam by now for a test date before August. If you need to book a re-take, you'll have until the end of August.  Book the re-take using the course tile.  The tile will disappear at the end of August. Details regarding registrations:


    • Please book your exam before the course ends
    • Your exam date does not have to occur before the course ends
    • Use the tile on the course page to make your booking
    • Please choose a date before August for the first attempt
    • You may need to wait a week after the first exam before booking the second attempt. Please book the second attempt no later than the end of August, although the exam date may be well in the future.
    • Testing options:
    • If you can no longer make your test date, don’t cancel. Reschedule.
    • Please use the course tile to book the exam. If you skip the tile and book directly through Pearson VUE, you won't receive the features associated with package C.
    • You shouldn't need to enter credit card information. The price of the exam should be $0.