Oracle Infinity Data Collection Release Notes for March 27, 2020

Version 1

    The following enhancements have been made for Oracle Infinity Data Collection:


    • The name of the BlueKai tag plugin has been updated to "Oracle Data Cloud (DMP)" to align with recent product name updates. 
    • The name of the "Mobile Browser" tag plugin has been updated to "Mobile Client Tracker" to more clearly describe this plugin's functionality.
    • Tooltips with instructional help information have been added to the data collection dashboard and and Tag Details screens to assist with administering your data collection tags.
    • The date and time format that appears in the "Last Modified" column on the data collection dashboard has been updated to be more user-friendly and to be consistent with other Oracle Infinity applications.


    The following Oracle Infinity defect has been resolved:


    • Additional handling has been implemented to prevent users from mistakenly clicking outside the tag creation or tag deletion windows.  (INF-37316)