17 March 2020 Java in Education Working Group Meeting Minutes

Version 2


    Tuesday, 17 March 2020, 8:30 am PST






    Review current state of Java in Education, and how we can support and communicate the use of Java in educational environments.



    Heather VanCura, PMO

    Ken Fogel

    Mike DeNicola, Fujitsu

    Ivar Grimstad, Eclipse Foundation

    Jessica Man, Goldman Sachs

    Amelia Eiras, Jonathan Gallimore, Tomitribe



    Heather reviewed the summary of our discussion on this topic from our last WG meeting. We focused the discussion on what EC Members can do to support and encourage Java in education.


    Some ideas for follow up include develop best practices for connecting developers to educators, providing tools such as online resources on Oracle Academy for teaching Java. Heather reviewed the tools available for teaching Java to students (primary, secondary, university) via Oracle Academy and Devoxx4Kids. The main tools for teaching Java are Alice and Greenfoot. We briefly reviewed and also discussed making these tools available to after school groups such as Code Club. Ken asked about creating a place for review and publishing content. Heather suggested we promote the tools and information already out there and research any others. Amelia asked about sharing these with JCP EC Members via email. Heather recommended sharing via social media instead.


    Jessica told us about her garbage collection presentation she gave at Southampton University highlighting how Goldman Sachs uses Java and how important it is to have more people who know how to code using Java technology.


    We discussed how we can involve JUGs in connecting with their educational communities, particularly universities. Heather suggested we can work with some JUGs that are already doing this in their communities and share best practices with other groups; we can ask JetBrains to ask Mala to attend a future meeting and share what she is doing in her community. Heather recommended we make this a topic for our next JCP EC Public Meeting.  


    Next Steps

    Heather to summarize meeting, ask EC members about other educational tools they are using, and arrange a time to meet with Devoxx4Kids and report findings.


    Ken to propose some content on new features in the Java platform that make it more appealing to students.


    Next meeting 31 March at 8:30 am PDT.