Distribution AAI Number 4134 Invalid for two Items that will not update unit cost.docx

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    E1 9.1

    We have over 20,000 item branch records with the same exact G/L class code and MCU.  But two records (that we know of) will not allow the standard cost to be changed.  After invoking P4105 and getting to the form to change the standard unit cost, when I click Save, it throws this AAI error (attached).  There is no error in the AAI as many other items work fine.  What can the issue be with the item branch record that is having JDE throw this erroneous AAI error?

    To further confound this problem, we had recently refreshed both PY and DV from PD.  This error occurs in both PY and PD, but not in DV for one of the two items.  The other one gets the same error in all three environments.