Please Take Final Exam By APRIL 14

Version 7

    For anyone with packages B or C, the final exam is available now through the end of the course. By earning a passing score on the final exam, you can earn the course completion award.  Final exam questions may ask about your observations from completing the labs, or they may ask you to experiment with a completed lab and report back your findings.  You may have the lab environment open as you complete the final exam.  As long as you complete the labs, you should have no trouble. The lab environment disappears after April 14. The final exam will be extremely difficult to pass without consulting the lab environment.  Please take this exam by April 14.


    Note: The final exam is different from the certification exam.


    To access the final exam, find the tile Webinars and MOOC Recognition

    Then find the Assessment option:

    Did you earn a passing score on the final exam?  Congratulations!  The completion award needs to be processed.  This can take a day or so.  In the meantime, you can get setup with Pearson and CertView.

    Once it's processed, the tile looks like this:

    Within your Pearson account, hover over your user profile icon.  It will display you Pearson Testing ID.  You'll need this ID for the next step.

    Follow the instructions on the course tile to login to CertView. You'll need to enter your Pearson Testing ID.  When you follow the steps on the tile, you'll eventually see a link to Acclaim where you can claim your award.

    The award will look like this in Acclaim and has various sharing options.


    Note: there is no Aria badge for Oracle employees.