28 April 2020 Java in Education Working Group Meeting Minutes

Version 2


    Tuesday, 28 April 2020, 8:30 am PDT






    Review communications preliminary plans for Java in Education initiative.



    Heather VanCura, PMO

    Ken Fogel

    Chandra Guntur, BNY Mellon

    Jessica Man, Goldman Sachs

    Mala Gupta, Jet Brains

    Amelia Eiras, Jonathan Gallimore, Tomitribe



    Heather reviewed the summary of our discussion on this topic from our EC Meeting discussion. We followed up on actions from our last meeting and the EC Meeting.


    We reviewed initial communications and decided to start with the following two items; Tomitribe designer will work on options for our next meeting.


    1) EC Members raise awareness in community of their use and need for Java developers. Create a banner for EC Members to utilize on social media. EC Members utilize Java in running their business. There is a demand for Java developers in the industry. EC Members need developer talent who know how to develop using Java technology. We want to raise awareness in community of EC Member use and need for Java developers.


    Utilize the EC Member logo only - no mods or color changes.


    2) Create a Duke personality for Java in Education initiatives - no logos or cup and steam.  



    Heather will create a wiki page for JUG leaders on the community platform and Mala will assist.



    Ken will modify the presentation from the EC Meeting for the WG meeting in 2 weeks.


    Next Steps

    Heather will create a wiki page for review.


    Ken to update presentation content on new features in the Java platform that make it more appealing to students.


    Amelia will present some draft creative for review.


    Next meeting 12 May at 8:30 am PDT.