2 June 2020 Java in Education Working Group Meeting Minutes

Version 2


    Tuesday, 2 June 2020, 8:30 am PDT






    Review communications preliminary plans for Java in Education initiative.



    Heather VanCura, PMO

    Ken Fogel

    Chandra Guntur, BNY Mellon

    Mala Gupta, Jet Brains

    Bruno Souza, SouJava

    Martijn Verburg, London Java Community

    Paul Buck, Eclipse Foundation

    Jessica Man, Goldman Sachs



    Heather reviewed the summary of our discussion on this topic from our last WG meeting. We followed up on actions from our last meeting.


    Chandra shared that he had good feedback from contacting his local NYC university faculty. The next step is to bring Ken to virtually present to the students at the university.


    We agreed that Heather would follow up with Ryan (designer) directly to make any needed modifications and obtain the final images to post on JCP.org - Duke personality and a Twitter banner for EC Members to use. Also a Twitter banner with the Duke personality and the text ‘Java in Education’ for JUG leader use. Heather will also follow up with Ryan to streamline fonts and text in Ken’s presentation once it is updated for posting on JCP.org in advance of the June 9 EC Meeting next Tuesday.


    Heather will continue to work on a wiki page for JUG leaders on the community platform and Mala will assist; we reviewed the wiki in progress. Java in Education


    Ken will modify the presentation for the EC Meeting and send to Heather.


    We will resume Working Group meetings after we collect some feedback from community leaders who have used the materials.


    Next Steps

    Heather will update the wiki page.

    Ken to update presentation and send to Heather.

    Chandra will follow up with a link to his presentation to a local university and links to his code Katas for inclusion in the wiki.