Community Migration FAQ 6/25

Version 12

    Q: Are the community forums moving to Cloud Customer Connect?

    A: No. The communities will remain in their own domain.


    Q: Will all communities now reside on Community.Oracle.Com?

    A: No. Some will remain on Cloud Customer Connect.


    Q: Will the new community software support mobile devices?

    A: Yes, please see the Welcome Area for examples of formatting for different screen sizes.


    Q: Will the new community software still have a SSO Sign-on?

    A: There will be no changes to the SSO system.


    Q: Will the paid and free areas be lumped into one community? (Updated 6/24)

    A: MOSC, Topliners, Netsuite, The Developer Community, etc., will be contained in their own environments with their own search, leaderboards, and gamification. Users will have the same access as they have now to those communities and the overall user profile will show badging and levels for each area.


    Q: What will happen to my gamification points?

    A: For continuity purposes, the new gamification system uses level names and point values similar to what is offered in Cloud Customer Connect (note: we're taking the level names/points values but not *how* you earn points). When the transition happens, each of our current members will receive a legacy badge and points award that will gain them a level that is roughly equivalent to what they had in the old system. Legacy users will start at the same level across areas they had been active in (a Developer and MOSC user would get the same starting level in both, for example), but after the initial award points earned and levels gained will reflect only the area that they were earned in.


    Q: What will happen to the leaderboards? (Updated 6/24)

    A: Leaderboards will be unique to the area that you're in. If you're in the Developer's community, you'll see points and levels reflective of what you've done in that area. Users will be able to view your rankings, badges, and points in the user profiles.


    Q: What other changes will there be to the gamification system?

    A: First, any area that has unique badges or gamification structure (Topliners badges, as an example), will retain those in the new system with adjusted point values. Those badges and point values will impact their ranking and leaderboard position on the server where they're offered. Those users who participate in the free areas will no longer be at a leaderboard disadvantage to those who have access to the paid areas as their leaderboards reflect the area that they're active in.


    Second, we will no longer will provide points for such things as liking a post, marking a post correct or helpful, etc., past the initial use of the function in most cases. Points earned will be earned for receiving recognition of your contributions to the area you're in (someone liking your post, hosting an event, someone marking you helpful, etc.). Reputation is important and the progression through the new ranking system should be based on a person's contributions to the community.


    Lastly, while each area will share the same leveling names and structure, we're also working to ensure the same actions will have the same values regardless of area. Receiving a "like" will grant the same point value no matter where you are on the system, for example. We intend to provide a similar gamification experience no matter where you spend your time with a unified structure for the different areas.


    Q: Can employees and moderators participate in the gamification system?

    A: Yes, there's no change. Oracle employees can be identified with the word -Oracle displayed after their names, while moderators will have the role of "moderator" displayed in their postings.


    Q: Can you tell me about the new editor? How does it compare to Jive's advanced editor?

    A: The vast majority of features from the current editor will be available at launch. HTML tables, however (and HTML formatting in general) will not be available. The editor is otherwise fully WYSIWYG and works the same for both the PC and mobile views.


    Q: How does it handle code pasted in from another site?

    A: If the original code has a code block tag then the code will come in formatted as code. If it does not, it will come in as text; from there, the user will be able to highlight the code and apply a code block tag. The editor will not attempt to modify or transform the code in any way.


    Q: Does the editor contain a built-in spellchecker?

    A: No. The built-in spellchecker of our current setup is highly buggy and the new editor does not contain one. Therefore, our developers recommend using a browser with a built-in spell checker such as Chrome.


    Q: What sort of notifications will I get from the new software?

    A: The new notification system extensive options that offer alerts in either pop-up or e-mail formats. Users are able to choose one or both. Some of the notifications include:


    Notify me when people accept my answer.
    Notify me when people answer my question.
    Notify me when I earn a badge.
    Notify me when a badge is requested.
    Notify me when my rank changes.
    Notify me when my ideas' statuses change.
    Notify me when the status changes on an idea I've voted on.
    Notify me when people comment on my discussions.
    Notify me when people comment on my bookmarked discussions.
    Notify me when people mention me.
    Notify me when people comment on discussions I've participated in.
    Notify me of private messages.


    Q: Will I be alerted when someone comments on a discussion I've subscribed to?

    A: No. You must bookmark the discussion in order to receive alerts.