What Is Oracle Community?

Version 9

    Oracle Community is a home for communities across Oracle, with more joining regularly. It is a content-rich, engaging, and interactive platform for sharing information, questions, and comments about Oracle products and related technologies. Every conceivable nuance of using Oracle products and supported standards is covered.



    Is this the same as the OTN forums?


    What you may know as the OTN forums has become the Oracle Developer community forums. These product communities -- including Database, Fusion Middleware, Server & Storage Systems, Java, Cloud Computing, and more -- now live alongside other communities like Oracle User Group Community and My Oracle Support Community.


    What is the Oracle Developer Community ?

    Oracle Developer community is the world's largest interactive community of Oracle developers, admins, and architects. In addition to the Product Communities you can find here on the forums, you can learn more about the Oracle Technology Network by reading About Groundbreakers Community.


    Who moderates these forums?


    Many OTN Product Community discussions are moderated by product managers, My Oracle Support Community discussions are moderated by technical support engineers and Oracle User Group Community is moderated by the Oracle User Group team. All of these spaces are frequently visited by knowledgeable users from the community


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