Oracle Community Guidelines

Version 14

    For your protection, please refrain from posting personal information such as email address, phone number, and personal website URLs. This information may be included in your profile.


    Oracle Community is for:

    • Sharing your ideas about Oracle and our products.
    • Interacting with other members of the Oracle Community.
    • Networking with members of the Oracle Community.
    • Asking and answering questions about Oracle.
    • Learning about Oracle and our products.
    • Contributing your knowledge and experience to the Oracle Community.


    Oracle Community is not for:

    • Disparaging Oracle, its products, employees, customers, partners or anyone else.
    • Sharing offensive or inappropriate material.
    • Spamming.
    • Sharing materials that belong to someone else.
    • Sharing sensitive or confidential materials, including details of Service Requests that can be considered confidential information, including, but not limited to passwords or sensitive subject matter.
    • Posting job listings or other solicitations, unless expressly allowed (e.g. in a space or group marked "Job Board")
    • Posting the same question in multiple areas, aka "double posting." Please select only one area in which to post your question, so that any answers can be easily kept together and found via search. Multiple/duplicate posts may be locked or removed.
    • In My Oracle Support Community, sharing of code or examples is not allowed.


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