Oracle Community Guidelines

Version 24
    For your protection please refrain from posting personal information such as email address, phone number, website URLs, IP/MAC address, account numbers, etc. in community threads.  This includes data that may inadvertently be shared via attachments or images.  This information may be included in your profile details at your own risk.


    Oracle Community is for:

    • Sharing your ideas about Oracle and our products.
    • Interacting with other members of the Oracle Community.
    • Networking with members of the Oracle Community.
    • Asking and answering questions about Oracle.
    • Learning about Oracle and our products.
    • Contributing your knowledge and experience to the Oracle Community.


    Oracle Community is not for:

    • Disparaging Oracle, its products, employees, customers, partners, or anyone else.
    • Posting of content, material, or links that are offensive or inappropriate. This behavior will lead to termination of your account without any notice.
    • Spamming.
    • Sharing materials that belong to someone else.
    • “Gaming” of reward points to falsely increase your community reputation.  If it is perceived by administrators that your behaviors are intended to “game” the rewards system, your account is subject to termination.
    • Sharing of sensitive or confidential materials, including details of Service Requests that can be considered confidential information, including (but not limited to) passwords, logfiles, script output, or other sensitive subject matter.
    • Posting job listings or other solicitations, unless expressly allowed (e.g., in a space or group marked "Job Board")
    • Posting the same question in multiple areas, a.k.a. "double posting."  Please select only one area in which to post your question, so that any answers can be easily kept together and found via search. Multiple/duplicate posts may be locked or removed.
    • “Hijacking” another user’s thread.  Keep open discussions on topic and create a new thread if unrelated questions need to be raised.
    • In My Oracle Support Community, sharing of code or examples is not allowed.


    My Oracle Support Community and Personally Identifiable Information (PII):

    Personal data, also known as personal information or personally identifiable information in other parts of the world, is defined as any information relating to an individual that can be directly or indirectly identified, for example by reference to identifiers such as names, identification numbers, location data, online identifiers or to one or more factors specific to the individual’s physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity.1


    The My Oracle Support Community is taking greater steps to protect our customers who may inadvertently expose PII data to others during the course of their community engagements. While we strongly believe that the gated My Oracle Support Community is a safe place to share information and practices, it is always wise to exercise caution when providing personal details in any online forum.   Therefore, our moderators have been instructed to temporarily remove from view any threads or replies that are deemed to reveal potentially sensitive information.  When such instances occur, you will have the opportunity to edit and resubmit your content for reposting.  Please understand that this custodianship is being performed for your safety and security, and is part of Oracle’s commitment to safeguard the data integrity of its worldwide customer base.





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