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    Oracle Community FAQ


    Note: Comments are disabled for this FAQ. If you have a question or suggestion about Oracle Community, please use Community Feedback and Suggestions. There is also a comprehensive user-created forum guide that is updated regularly and can be found here.  Please follow this blog for important system announcements and information on known issues: Community Feedback (No Product Questions)


    Are OTN product communities for obtaining support from Oracle?


    No. OTN product communities are designed for peer-to-peer knowledge sharing only. (There are rare exceptions: users of some free products do in fact use OTN discussions and communities as their support channel.) Customers with support licenses can log into My Oracle Support for urgent problems or issues.


    Do I have to be registered to use Oracle Community?

    Anyone can read messages in public spaces, but you must be a registered member to post a question or response. Simply visit My Profile to register free of charge.


    Only Oracle Premier Support Customers can access My Oracle Support Community.


    Are there Rules of Conduct in Oracle Community?


    Please see Rules Of Conduct.


    What about Terms of Use?


    Please see our Terms of Use, but suffice to say that spam, defamation, obscenity, and bigotry are not tolerated and perpetrators will be banned.


    What is a Default Community?

    We have added a new feature that allows you to select your "default community," and you are prompted to do so upon initial login. In short, this applies your preferred community theme when you are on general areas of the site (such as your inbox). This setting controls the look and feel of the site, and enables us to support multiple communities on this single platform. It also allows the mega-nav for your community to persist, making it easier for you to navigate around the site. You can always change your default community by hitting the drop-down next to your name, selecting "Edit Profile," and choosing the "Your Profile" tab.


    What is proper community etiquette?


    Always be courteous; there are different levels of experience represented. Use the following guidelines:


      • Confidential or Proprietary Content: Oracle will not publish any document that is confidential or proprietary in nature.
      • Signature: Keep link-spam out of your signature -- your profile page is the appropriate place for users to find more information about you.
      • Discussions: When asking a question use Create > Discussion, provide all of the details that other members of the community need to understand your entry, including your product and version, for example Oracle If you encounter a poorly worded question, provide suggestions to help the community member asking the question provide more clarity.
      • Sharing code: Format your code using code tags (see "How do I format code?" in the The specified item was not found.). Consulting documentation first is highly recommended. A poorly worded question is better ignored than flamed -- or better yet, help the poster ask a better question.
      • Documents: You can either upload or create a document using Create > Document.
      • File: You can either upload or create a File using Upload > File.
      • Proofreading: Use both spelling and grammar checkers (or a good proofreader) to ensure correct spelling and take a few moments to review your documents. Remember that automated spell checkers have limitations so it is important to perform a final, manual review.
      • References to other Oracle content: Use the following guidelines when providing references to Oracle documentation or knowledge base documents:
        • Do not copy and paste from another document unless you use double quotes around the text and use an in-text citation.
        • If you paraphrase from another document, make sure you indicate the page number where you found the information and include that document in your reference.
      • After receiving a answer to your question it is a Best Practice to mark the answer as either Helpful or Correct. This enables others to find answers to their questions faster and easily.


    How can I contact a moderator to report a spammer?


    Please click on the “Report Abuse” link on any document or post to let us know of any abuse, spam, or other terms of service violation in our community.


    How do I change the community language?


    To change this, you can edit your language preferences. Click on the drop down menu next to your username/handle in the top right corner. Then select preferences and adjust the language from there.


    Is the FAQ available in other languages?


    Not at this time.


    Are there communities in other languages?


    Yes. We have communities in Portuguese, Chinese, and Japanese. See Other Languages. You can also find groups in other languages, such as Coherence IoT 공부방 -- use Search to find your languages.


    How is community content organized?


      • Communities are a collection of spaces and sub-spaces. Often, spaces are used to organize communities into a tree-like structure so members can find the right topics more easily.
      • The actual communities contain sub-spaces where individual discussions take place, knowledge is shared, and the latest activity for the community can be viewed.
        • Discussions (or Threads) are a collection of posts for a single conversation. Threads are most commonly used to post a question and to receive responses to that question. Oracle Community uses a fully-threaded format. Threads are displayed in a tree-like structure of posts beginning with the message/topic, replies to the topic, and replies to replies. In Preferences, you can choose to see a discussion as flat (not nested).


    Does Oracle Community have rewards and badges?


    Please see our Oracle Community – Rewards & Recognition FAQ.


    What is Oracle Blogs?


    Oracle Blogs is Oracle's blogging community. It is different from the blog functionality within Oracle Community, which is enabled in certain spaces by administrators.


    What browsers are officially supported?


    Our platform works with most current web browsers. Note that if you need to use Content Editor features such as cut and paste, script access to the Clipboard should not be disabled.

    Minimum screen resolution:  1024 x 768.  Results may vary if you use zoom or adjust your view to levels other than 100%


      • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10, and 11.
      • Apple Safari 5, 5.1, 6.0 (on Macs only)
      • Mobile Safari on iPhone and iPad. (Note that a browser-independent native iOS app is also available from the App Store.)
      • Mozilla Firefox*
      • Google Chrome*


    * The Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers are released frequently. We make every effort to test and support the latest version.


    I have an excellent blog entry that answers a very complex user question. Can I just post a link as the answer?


    Unfortunately, a link is not an answer. It’s a location of relevant and correct material to answer the question. And while the link to the blog is probably very useful, it will be flagged for review by the system moderators who are dedicated to ensuring the Community Platform is not susceptible to spam or any forms of promotion.


    The best approach is always to “Answer in the Discussion” and in this case, that would mean providing enough content to address the question and answer it completely--if not in absolute detail at least to the extent that it achieves content correctness. Additional resources such as links to relevant and correct material can be offered as “for more information” or further explanation, but the answer should be complete. If an external blog entry is being linked, please provide a substantive quote from the blog entry to add context for users.


    What about external documentation?


    The same applies to doc references. You can provide a link to the specific doc section/page. But also provide a substantive quote from the doc section being referenced. Remember that users who come to your post in the future may no longer be able to access a link if it has broken, so the quote will help "future-proof "the discussion.



    No, per our community guidelines, you cannot include linkspam in your signature. If you would like to include personal information or a link to a website, please include it in the body of your profile. Moderators will ask that these types of promotional links be removed from posts answering questions, or they may simply remove the links with explanation to the responder.


    I have an idea about improving the OTN Community or a particular Oracle Product - How can I share it?


    If your idea is for improving the way the community works then please post it in the Oracle Community Ideas space.  If your idea relates to a particular product, please locate the appropriate product space and see if it has an "Ideas" space within it where you can post your product idea.  (Please do not post product ideas in the Oracle Community Ideas).


    The product I have an idea for, doesn't have an Idea space in it/doesn't appear to be enabled for me to create an Idea?


    Not all product spaces have "Ideas" enabled within them.  For an Ideas space to be enabled, it requires that we have someone within Oracle who keeps an eye on the Ideas posted, to consider/action them as appropriate.  Not all product spaces are actively managed by Oracle staff (though we're working on it!) so we won't activate Ideas where they're going to appear to be ignored.  If you find a space doesn't have Ideas enabled and would like to request it, please post your request as a discussion in the Community Feedback (No Product Questions) space; then the admin can take a look and see if it's possible for you.  Alternatively, if you have access to the My Oracle Support Community (MOSC - requires paid-for support) then you can see if they have Ideas enabled for the same product over there.
    Note: Sometimes a product space may have Ideas within it, but is temporarily disabled due to spamming - if that appears to be the case, please try again later.



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