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    The rewards and recognition system on our community platform is designed to encourage people to get involved in the community and help other users by answering questions or posting content that is of interest to other community members. It may be possible for users to accrue points in ways that do not support these goals, allowing users to "game the system." At the administrator's discretion, users will be warned about such behavior and risk suspension or permanent loss of privileges if it continues.


    What is the Oracle Community Rewards & Recognition program?


    The Oracle Community Rewards & Recognition program is a way for us to recognize community participants, and shows the value placed on community participation and sharing real-world expertise. As community collaboration increases, all members have access to a larger number and range of best practices and solutions than any one individual could create alone. The program is engaging, flexible and adaptable to changing community needs and requirements and fosters participation and collaboration. It greatly enhances your opportunity to broaden your knowledge, which in turn will increase your reputation. It scales as both you and the community grow. Finally, it's fun -- and we want you to have fun as well!


    In addition to reward points, badges are awarded for many types of participation. Points go towards your reputation level. Most badges are earned based on a new concept called missions.

    Missions can take many faces including:

      • Normal community activity such as starting a discussion, marking a reply as correct or helpful or creating an idea -- just to name a few examples.
      • Special events or participatory contributions such as speaking at a Virtual Technology Summit.
      • Specific activity related to a community, product or service area such as demonstrating your expertise by having a certain number of your replies in a specific product area marked as Correct and/or Helpful.(See "What are expertise tracks?" for more.)

    Badges are also given to community users who:

      • Have achieved special recognition such as ACE Associate, ACE, ACE Director and Java Champion.*
      • Are moderators so that you can easily recognize them.

    Other facts about the program include:

      • There are 21 Recognition Levels (see further below for what they are).
      • Badges are not retroactive (see below for more)

    *Of course, Oracle ACE Associate, Oracle ACE and Oracle ACE Director continue to represent some of our most accomplished and active members, both outside and within the Oracle Community. These tiers use the nomination and approval process defined in the Oracle ACE program to select users for these tiers. For more information about ACEs and ACE Directors, please see the ACE/ACE Director program. Java Champions are an exclusive group of passionate Java technology and community leaders who are community-nominated and selected under a project sponsored by Oracle.  For more information about Java Champions please visit the Java Champions Project.


    What are the Recognition Levels?


    To see your current level and all possible levels, go to View Profile (your profile page) and click on the Reputation tab. On the Activity bar, you can click on the arrow for levels to see all the possible levels that you can achieve and also your current status highlighted in a different color. The details are visible to other users based on your privacy settings.


    Your current level is also visible for all users on your profile page beside your profile images. Anyone can also see the details of your points by hovering over your username which is displayed besides any of your activity.


    Your level number appears next to your Avatar, and is colored to show at a glance what your general level tier is.  Note that colors start from cool and get warmer, up until "Oracle Red" at the highest levels.




    # Of Points



    # Of Points












    OC_Opt1-13.pngSuper Elite












    OC_Opt1-16.pngSuper Hero









    Grand Titan


    OC_Opt1-9.pngGrand Master


    OC_Opt1-19.pngPoint Tycoon




    OC_Opt1-20.pngCommunity Sage


               OC_Opt1-21.pngCommunity Wizard



    What are missions?


    Missions are participatory activities on our platform. As previously mentioned they can be:


      • Any normal community activity such as starting a discussion, marking a reply as Correct or Helpful, commenting on an idea, or updating your avatar -- just to name a few examples.
      • Special events or participatory contributions such as speaking at a Virtual Technology Summit
      • Specific activity related to a community, product or service area such as demonstrating your expertise by having a certain number of your replies marked as Correct and/or Helpful in a particular expertise area. (See "What are expertise tracks?" for more.)
      • Note: These new missions are not retroactive. See "Will I earn points for missions previously accomplished?" for more.


    Below are a few examples of missions. To see a mission:


      • Click the down arrow next to your Avatar and then click View Profile.
      • From your profile, click on the sub-tab Reputation.
      • In Reputation, on the left, click on Missions. This will show a listing of all available Missions based on your default community.
      • For each mission listed, click on the lower right corner to see the requirements on how to complete the mission (indicated by the red arrow in the images below).


    Example 1 Mission

    Example 1 Mission Requirements

    Example 2 Mission

    Example 2 Mission Requirements






    Are points and badges global?

    The overall points that you earn are global, and your overall rank can be seen anytime on the community welcome page. In addition, the badges and points you earn inside a specific community are sometimes community-specific. In other words, depending on the mission that you accomplished, a badge can be global or belong to a specific community.  This should be clear from the name of the badge when you earn it. For example, "Kick It Off in OUGC" gives you 10 global points, but those 10 points will also apply to your status within the OUGC community. For this reason, your point total may be different when viewing different leaderboards. You might have 1000 points globally, but only 100 points in a specific community.

    Are badges retroactive?


    No. The badges only start "counting" your activity once they are launched. For instance, when we launched the Middeware Maven badge, all users essentially started from scratch. Even if someone already had 10 Correct and 10 Helpful answers in Fusion Middleware, they still did not get the Middleware Maven badge and points until they got 10 additional Helpful and 10 additional Correct. In that sense, the playing field is level whenever a new badge is released. In some cases this makes sense -- you will keep all the points you've earned for getting Correct and Helpful answers in the past, and they will be scaled appropriately, so it would not make sense to award them again. In some cases you can re-do something you've already done (like uploading an avatar) to earn those points. And in some cases, it's just an unfortunate technical limitation.


    What are expertise tracks?


    In certain technology communities, there will be a badge series for all activity within that community. For example, if you earn 10 Correct and 10 Helpful answers in Fusion Middleware and its subspaces, you will earn the Middleware Maven badge. Communities with expertise tracks at launch wereDatabase, Fusion Middleware, Server & Storage Systems and Java. We added expertise tracks for Business Intelligence, Oracle Applications, Oracle Mobile, and Oracle Cloud in May 2015. We expect to expand these expertise tracks over time, and welcome feedback on which we should add next!


    Will you be expanding how points/badges can be earned in the future?

    Yes. We expand how points/badges can be earned over time, and occasionally introduce new badges and missions. This will include activities, events, participation, collaboration and defined missions.


    Where do I find out how many points I have accumulated?

    You can view your reputation details anytime from your profile page. Click on your name in the upper hand corner and select View Profile, then Reputation.


    How can I accumulate the most points?

    You can see a list of badges you can earn from the Reputation tab on your profile. In general, activities that build and strengthen the community build your points more quickly. For example, if you answer a question and the originator of the post marks your response either helpful or correct, you will gain additional points. Frequent, active participation steadily builds your reputation, points and badges.

    Can I lose points?

    Oracle's goal is to maintain a vibrant, collaborative, and helpful atmosphere that fosters a positive experience for all community members. As such, Oracle reserves the right to deduct points or take other actions if a community member does not follow the Rules of Conduct or becomes disruptive to the community. You can also lose points for activities that are deleted; if content is deleted, points associated with that content will also be deducted.


    Won't some people try to manipulate the system?


    Yes. Oracle reserves the right to issue warnings to prevent future behavior of this type, deduct points from the community member, or ban the account. You can use the "Report Abuse" button at any time to alert the moderators to potential abuse.


    How do I provide positive feedback on an answer that someone provided for my question?

    If you posed a question within the community and you feel another community member has answered your question, you can mark that response as either helpful or correct. You'll be identifying the response as useful content for the community and acknowledging the member who generously shared his or her expertise. Both you and they may be rewarded with points and badges for the activity.


    What is the number in a red box that appears below my avatar?


    The number indicates your reputation level that you have achieved based on your community contributions and missions.


    Can other community members see my points?

    Community members see your point level when you participate in discussion threads or by viewing your profile. They can also hover over your name to see your points, level, and your Me in 3 badges.


    What are Me in 3 badges?


    Me in 3 badges are a feature that allows you to highlight three badges you have earned in Oracle Community. When a community member hovers over your avatar, the Me in 3 is part of what is displayed about you. To add or change this, go to View Profile and then hover over the pull-down arrow on the right of your badges to change which badges you want to highlight as follows:



    If all 3 Me in 3 badges are occupied, how do I change one or more?


    You will have to remove one and replace it as follows:

    MeAnd3-Delete1.png MeAnd3-Delete2.png MeAnd3-Replace.png


    Can a person in a community reply to their question and mark that reply as the “Correct” or "Helpful" answer?


    A person can reply to their question and mark it "correct" and/or "helpful" but they do not earn points for marking their own answer.


    Can multiple replies to the same question be marked as “Correct or Helpful”?


    Yes, there can be one Correct and multiple Helpful replies within a single thread. The original poster will receive 15 points for marking a reply Correct and 10 points for marking a reply Helpful. The original poster can mark as many replies Helpful as is appropriate but only gets points for the first five they mark. They can only mark one reply as Correct in a thread. The user who replies gets 100 points for providing a Correct answer or 50 points for providing a Helpful answer.


    What is the real-world reward program?


    OTN may periodically send out real-world tokens of appreciation to your mailing address. The levels you need to achieve to receive these letters and gifts are Expert and Guru. In order to receive your mailing, you must have an updated address on MyProfile. Please update your profile with your mailing address to participate.


    If you would like to opt-out of this program, you can remove your mailing address from MyProfile. Please note that this program is intended for OTN, Topliners, OUGC and OPN members only. Please note that this program may be subject to geographical or other legal restrictions.



    What if I change jobs or have a new email address? Can my points and badges be transferred?


    We cannot transfer badges, points, or content to a new account. You can change the email address on your account via My Profile.


    As a My Oracle Support Community (MOSC) member, why don’t I receive the real-world tokens? (Only applicable to My Oracle Support Community)


    My Oracle Support Community is not part of OTN but is a part of the My Oracle Support Portal and has its own reward and recognition  program. My Oracle Support Community is exclusively available for Oracle customers with a valid support contract and is moderated by Support experts. These are the same highly Oracle skilled resources that also work Support Service requests.



    When did this change? What changes are there from the previous program?


    • Our new program launched in February 2014
    • In order to align all our communities, points earned compared to the old program are now approximately 10x (ten times) more for most activities.
    • We awarded alum badges to users who were part of the previous community
    • We changed the system that awarded users a point for every reply to a discussion


    What about my previous points? I was at the top of a previous leaderboard!


    Your previous points have been multiplied by 10 and scaled into the new system. Unfortunately, the space leaderboards started over as of February 1. However, if you would like to know who was at the top of a previous leaderboard, we have compiled a list here: Historical Top Participants


    Are you changing the one point per reply?


    Yes. There are no longer any points awarded for every reply to a discussion in all communities except in My Oracle Support Community where there are 5 points per reply.


    What are the alum badges?


    When we launched our new program, previous users were moved to a new Recognition Level (and received an honorary alumni badge commemorating their previous Recognition Level!) as follows:


    Your Previous Level

    Your Previous Points

    Your New Level (depending on actual points)

    Honorary Alumni Badge


    50 or more

    • Explorer
    • Rookie

    Explorer Alum


    Journeyer200 or more
    • Apprentice
    • Specialist

    Journeyer Alum


    Pro500 or more
    • Expert
    • Whiz

    Pro Alum


    Expert1,000 or more
    • Master
    • Grand Master
    • Innovator

    Expert Alum


    Guru2,500 or more
    • Guru
    • Or higher (see Recognition Levels below)

    Guru Alum



    What if I have an idea, a question, or a problem?


    If you have an Idea, we'd love to hear it! Post it in the Rewards and Recognition category in Oracle Community Ideas. If you have a question or problem or have found a bug, please visit New Rules aka Rewards and Recognition Program.


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