My Oracle Support Community FAQ

Version 9

    What is My Oracle Support Community?


    My Oracle Support Community is a support channel that helps our customers find the information they need, when they need it. My Oracle Support Community offers a new way to support our customers through building an environment where they can collaborate with their peers to share experience, avoid problems, and grow their knowledge.

    My Oracle Support Community is included in Premier Support as part of the Oracle Proactive Support. The My Oracle Support Community is a trusted network of supported customers, Oracle Technical Support and Oracle employees. It is moderated by the same engineers who answer Service Requests and bring a deep understanding of how products work, both individually and together.


    Do I use My Oracle Support Community to receive support from Oracle?


    Yes. In addition to using the robust knowledge base, service request (SR), and configuration management functions, My Oracle Support Community is designed to share knowledge, ideas, and expertise with your industry peers. The community enables you to obtain real-time access to an expanded network of trusted industry professionals, including Oracle experts, to help you get the information you need faster and more efficiently.


    Who can participate in the My Oracle Support Community?


    If you have access to My Oracle Support, Oracle's customer support portal, you automatically are a member. There is no additional registration required.


    How do I access My Oracle Support Community?


    Login to My Oracle Support, navigate to the Community tab. My Oracle Support Community opens in a new browser window. To return to other areas of My Oracle Support, select the previous browser session. You may also directly access My Oracle Support Community.


    Which languages are supported in My Oracle Support Community?


    English is the primary language supported at this time, as well as a Chinese language community for Database and Middleware. If you would like additional languages to be considered for support, please provide your suggestions to the *Community Feedback and Suggestions (No Product Questions) (MOSC)


    Why did my username change?


    On Jan 31, 2014 the MOSC platform migrated to the same platform as OTN Forums. All usernames will be visible to the users from both OTN forums and MOSC. One the merged platform, the username will now be visible to all users on the public forums also. Since the OTN was already a public forum, your OTN username has been preserved. You can change your username as needed by following the steps mentioned above.


    I had entered a lot of information in my My Oracle Support Community profile. Why don’t I see it anymore?


    On Jan 31, 2014 the MOSC platform migrated to the same platform as OTN Forums. During the migration, the profile information from MOSC was not migrated to the new platform. You can enter the information now and it will be saved. The profile information will be set to private by default and you can update your privacy settings in the "Privacy Settings" subtab.


    What happens to my contributions and reputation level that I have built if I switch jobs?


    The points awarded to the users for their contributions in the community can be transferred to their new account. The contributions will remain associated with the original account and cannot be moved. To transfer your points, please send an email to oracle_support_community_ww  with the following information:


      • Old account username, email and current points. Details of the last contribution from this account.
      • New account username, email and current points.


    Once we have the information we will validate it and then process the points transfer.


    What are Advisor Webcasts?


    Advisor Webcasts offer a convenient way for you to interact with professional, technical, and application experts regarding topics to help you get the most from their support services. Our support experts will present information such as troubleshooting tips, best practices, new release information, and so on. Included with your premier support agreement, each webcast is delivered using Web Conferencing technology and includes a live Q&A session. Advisor Webcasts are offered regularly and are recorded for on demand viewing anytime, anywhere. Take advantage of this beneficial resource and attend a session today. For a dates and times of the Advisor Webcasts please visit the Webcast region located in a Community.


    Please post your request in the *Community Feedback and Suggestions (No Product Questions) (MOSC) community with as much detail as possible.


    When using the Search feature in My Oracle Support Community, does it search My Oracle Support Community and OTN content?


    The search feature will default to the space you are currently in.  You can also click on My Oracle Support Community to search all other information in the Community or click on Everywhere which also will include information for Oracle Technology Network (OTN).


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