Oracle Community Guide 2/3

    Oracle Community Guide 2/3



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    11     User Account



    11.1     Default Theme

    The Oracle community platform is currently comprised of the following user communities:


    • Oracle Technology Network Community (OTN)
    • My Oracle Support Community (MOSC)
    • Oracle User Group Community (OUGC)

    You can switch to a different Oracle community by choosing the appropriate community from the GO DIRECTLY TO menu as described in chapter 1.2 Oracle Communities.

    Your user account preferences contain a new setting to specify the theme or community landing page when you log in.

    1. Log into the using your username and password.

    2. Click on your username handle and choose Edit Profile from the pull-down menu.
    3. Click the Your Profile tab.
    4. Select the appropriate ratio button under Set Your Default Community.
    5. Click Save or Cancel at the end of the page.


    11.2     Username and Password


    You must log-in with your account credentials in order to participate in the Oracle community. Your username is the E-mail address, which you specified when you registered your account.


    For privacy and security reasons, your username cannot be seen by other community members. Keep in mind that our username or E-mail is not the same as your username handle, which is explained in the next chapter.

    Your username and password can be changed in your account profile page.


    1. Log-in and click on your username handle.
    2. Choose Edit Profile from the pull-down menu.
    3. Click on the Your Profile tab.
    4. Click on Edit.
    5. Select My Profile in the left column.
    6. Click the appropriate Edit to change your Username or Password.
    7. The system will send you a notification.



    Changing your Username/E-mail is known to cause problems, such as resetting your current status to 0 points. Unless you really have to change your E-mail address, it is probably best not to change it.



    11.2.1     Troubleshooting Problems


    If you have trouble to log in with user username credentials, you may first try to use the Forgot Password link to reset your password.


    Enter the E-mail address you used when you registered your account. Make sure to check your Spam filter if necessary.



    If you cannot sort your your problem, please try another system or web browser. As a last resort you can contact the Oracle help desk.



    You can find answers for frequently encountered problems or contact the help desk, at the following links:

    If you cannot solve the problem, you can try to contact the help desk at

    11.3     Community ID

    Your username handle is your identity in the Oracle community and shown to others when you respond to postings or start a discussion. The system assigns a unique and anonymous username handle by default. Your own username handle or nickname is always displayed in the top right corner of the Oracle Community banner after you sign into your account.



    TipIt is recommended to change your system assigned username handle to a personal name or nickname.


    You can change your username handle in your account profile page.

    1. Log-in and click on your username handle.
    2. Choose Edit Profile from the pull-down menu.
    3. Click on the Your Profile tab.
    4. Click on Edit.
    5. Select Communities in the left column.
    6. Click on Edit next to Community Memberships.
    7. Click to enable the Oracle Interactive Forums checkbox in the left Join column.
    8. Enter your desired and unique username handle in the Display Name text entry field.
    9. Click the Save button.



    11.4     Profile Photos and Avatars

    You can upload pictures and set an avatar to personalize your community ID and provide information about yourself. You can choose from an existing set of avatars or upload a couple of your own personal avatars.


    Uploaded avatars and pictures are subject to the Terms of Service. You can upload avatars and pictures at any time, however, the information will not be visible to other community members unless it is approved by a moderator or administrator. The approval may take up to 24 hours during regular working days. Your uploaded avatars and pictures can be rejected without notification for reasons outlined in the Oracle community FAQ.

    11.4.1     Photos

    Your pictures can be uploaded and managed in your account profile page.


    1. Log-in and click on your username handle.
    2. Choose Edit Profile from the pull-down menu.
    3. Select the Avatar & Photos tab.
    4. In order to upload your own photo, click on Add photo.
    5. Click the Browse button and use the standard file open dialog to insert an image file from your computer.
    6. Click the UPLOAD & CONTINUE button.
    7. Use the picture end-points (black dots) so re-size the picture or
      click anywhere inside white rectangle and hold the mouse button to center the image.
      Press the CROP PHOTO button when done.

    8. Finally click on Finish.
    9. When your photos have been approved, a notification appears in your Inbox.



    Depending on your privacy settings, your primary picture can be seen in the pop-up window when other members hover with their mouse pointer over your avatar or username.


    At the time of this writing, your uploaded photos are only visible to yourself. According to information from Oracle this planned to be fixed in the near future.


    For more information about your privacy settings, please see the chapter Privacy.

    11.4.2     Avatar

    Avatars can be managed in your account profile page. Uploading your avatar is very similar to uploading pictures.

    1. Edit your account profile as previously outlined in steps 1 - 3.
    2. Click the Avatar & Photos tab and scroll down to the Avatar section.
    3. Your current avatar will be selected. You may choose any other avatar.
    4. To upload your own avatar, click on Add another avatar.
    5. Click the Browse button and use the standard file open dialog to insert an image file from your computer.
    6. Click the UPLOAD & CONTINUE button.
    7. Re-size the image as previously outlined in step 7 when uploading a photo and press the CROP IMAGE button.
    8. Your uploaded avatar will show Pending and not be visible to other members until it is approved.
    9. Press the FINISHED button.
    10. When your avatars have been approved, a notification appears in your Inbox.



    11.5     Privacy


    Privacy settings affect what information other community members will see when they look at your account profile.

    You can change your privacy settings in your account profile page.

    1. Log-in and click on your username handle.
    2. Choose Edit Profile from the pull-down menu.
    3. Click on the Privacy tab and change the settings according your needs.
    4. Verify your profile view by choosing among Everyone, Registered Users or Friends.Privacy2.jpg
    5. Close the window and select the SAVE button to make your changes permanent.



    11.6     Connections


    You can view your own profile or the profile of any other user to see information about Connections, Following and Followers.

    There are several ways to view your own or someone else's user profile:


    • Click on your own or any other member's avatar in any forum posting.
    • Click on your username in the page banner and choose View Profile from the pull-down menu.
    • Search for people and click the appropriate username handle or avatar.
    • Type the username or part of the username in the Search entry field and scroll down to People.



    The following table shows an overview of possible results, depending on whether you look at your own profile, or the profile of another member.


    Your own user profileUser profile of another member
    FollowingMembers you Follow.Members who the user is Following.
    FollowersMembers who are Following you.Members who are Following the user.
    ConnectionsMembers you Follow and who are also Following you.Connections that you and the other user have in common.



    You are Following 59 people and 62 people are Followers who are Following you. The number of people you are Following and who are also Following you is 58.



    The user is Following 31 people, and 32 people are are Following the user. You and the user have 4 members in common, who are Following you and the user, and who you and the user also Follow.


    TipIn the current community setup, in order to Follow other people, you need to add them as Friend, which requires approval, explained in chapter Friends. You can however decide to stop Following, without removing the Friend connection, to still be able to exchange private messages.





    12.1     Creating Bookmarks

    You can create a Bookmarks of an objects, such as a post or document, by clicking on Bookmark.


    The number to the right of Bookmarked is the amount of users who have bookmarked the object.

    You can display the users by clicking on the number.



    Bookmarks are public by default can be viewed by anyone who is browsing your profile. If do not wish to disclose a bookmark to others, you need to edit the bookmark and enable Make this bookmark private.


    You can edit the bookmark by clicking the word Bookmarked.


    Note:Clicking the small icon (flag) left to Bookmarked removes your bookmark.

    12.2     Accessing Bookmarks

    You can display your recent or frequent bookmarks, or even browse all your bookmarks, by simply clicking in the empty Search entry field, as explained in chapter  2.1.2  Bookmarks.

    You can also browse all your bookmarks by viewing your or another person's user profile.

    1. Log-in and click on your username handle.
    2. Choose View Profile from the pull-down menu.
    3. Click the Bookmark tab.



    A lock icon in the bookmark title indicates that the bookmark is private.



    You can view the bookmarks of another member, provided they are not private, by clicking on the username handle or avatar and selecting the Bookmarks tab from the Content view, similar when browsing your own bookmarks.

    Bookmarks can be displayed as a list or thumbnails. You can change the mode by choosing the appropriate icon in the header.


    12.3     Edit Bookmarks


    There are several ways to access and edit your bookmarks:



    The following example shows the screen when selecting Show all bookmarks from the Search facility. To edit, remove or follow a bookmark, click on the wheel icon of the bookmark and select the appropriate option.


    You can change privacy settings and add notes and tags.


    You can also edit your bookmarks in the thumbnail view:


    1. Select the four squares in the header to display the thumbnail view.
    2. Click on Edit Notes & Tags to edit the bookmark.



    - End of Part 2 -