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    The Groundbreaker Community mission is to evangelize, advocate for, and expand the community of technologists who work with Oracle products and technologies to design, develop, and deploy technical solutions. We've grown to be the most comprehensive technical community by fostering engagement at the intersection of Oracle and industry standard technologies. We are host to millions of developers, admins, and architects: membership is free and you can join simply by clicking the "Log In" link in the top right of https://community.oracle.com

    The Oracle Code Online program -- This is a virtual event series that brings ACEs, Java Champions, and Oracle product leaders together to share hands-on-technical content with the community. Learn more about the at Oracle Code Online.

    DevCommunity Social Channels
    Java [ Java blog / @java on Twitter / ILoveJava on Facebook / Google+ / Java YouTube channel ]
    Architect [ Oracle Developer podcast / Oracle Developer Community: ArchBeat on Facebook / Google+ ]
    Systems [ Oracle SysDev Hub/ @OracleSysDev on Twitter / Oracle Sys Dev on Facebook/]
    Database [ @OracleDBDev on Twitter / Oracle DB Developers on Facebook / Oracle Database channel onYouTube ]

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