February/March 2015 Virtual Technology Summit Agenda

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        Virtual Technology Summit
          Hands-On Learning With Oracle & Community Experts

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    Database Track

    Java Track

    Middleware Track

    Operating Systems, Virtualization Technologies, and Hardware


    Database Administration Track

    Database Developer Track

    Open Source and Integration Track

    Data Integration and Analytics Track

    Database Community Update / Sessions overview

    By Laura Ramsey, OTN Database Community Manager

    Java Community Update/ Session Overview

    By Tori Wieldt OTN SR. Java Community Manager

    Middleware Community Update / Sessions overview

    By Bob Rhubart, OTN Architect Community Manager

    Optimizing Applications to Run on Oracle Solaris and Oracle Linux – Introduction

    By Rick Ramsey OTN System Community Manager

    What's new: Upgrading to Oracle Database 12c

    By Roy Swonger, Senior Director & Product Manager, Database Upgrade & Utilities

    Development with JSON and Oracle Rest Data Services

    Javascript on JVM, from Scripts to Full Apps

    By Bruno Borges

    Caching for Java - The JCache Standard and What it Means for You

    By Brian Oliver, Architect, Oracle Coherence

    HOL: Real-Time Data Replication to Hadoop using GoldenGate 12c Adaptors

    By Oracle ACE Michael Rainey, Principal Consultant, Rittman Mead

    How to Use the Code Analyzer in Oracle Solaris Studio

    By Joseph Raja, Sr. Mgr Software Development, Sun Developer Tools Engineering


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    Upgrade, Migrate, and Plug In to Oracle Multitenant on Oracle Database 12c

    By Roy Swonger, Oracle

    High Performance PL/SQL

    By Steven Feuerstein

    Managing Java at Scale: Security and Compatibility Applications

    By Eric Costlow

    Real-World Testing for Scalable Applications

    By Mikael Fries, Director, Product Management, Oracle Application Testing Solutions

    HOL: Bringing Oracle Big Data SQL to Oracle Data Integration 12c Mappings

    By Oracle ACE Director Mark Rittman, CTO and Co-Founder, Rittman Mead

    How to Use the Performance Analyzer in Oracle Solaris Studio

    by Eugene Loh, Performance Analyzer Engineering Team


    Instructions for Performance Analyzer Hands-On Lab (VTS3)

    Different Ways to Upgrade and Migrate to Oracle Database 12c

    By Roy Swonger, Oracle

    APEX 5.0 Overview

    By Joel Kallman

    Free Open Source Tools for Maven, HTML5, IoT, and Java EE

    By Geertjan Wielenga

    Getting Started with the Oracle Maven Repository

    By Mark Nelson, Architect, Oracle Platform Engineering

    An Introduction to Oracle Enterprise Metadata Manager

    By Oracle ACE Director Stewart Bryson, Owner and Co-founder, Red Pill Analytics

    DevOps Made Easy with MySQL Utilities

    By Chuck Bell, Software Development Manager, Oracle

    Catch Me If You Can: Java on Wearables

    By Gerrit Grunwald, Java Champion