Rewards and Recognition Preview

Версия 3

    As you may have heard, we are introducing a new rewards and recognition program, currently scheduled to go into effect on February 1 when the Topliners community joins the platform. I wanted to give you a brief preview and give you a chance to ask questions and offer feedback.


    The new system will go beyond just offering points for Correct and Helpful answers. In addition to points, you will also be awarded badges that look something like this (this is the badge for uploading your avatar):


    Some important things to know:


    Your existing points will not be lost. In fact, they will be multiplied by a factor of 10 so that our points system aligns with the Topliners system. Using myself as an example, I have 944 points right now, and if we launched today, I would launch with 9440 points. Again, this means your previous reputation will not be lost and you will not be starting from zero.


    The levels will be brand new, and we will start with many more levels, as shown below:



    # Of Points


    # Of Points











    Super Elite




















    Grand Titan


    Grand Master 


    Point Tycoon




    Ultimate Point Tycoon


              Hall Of Famer



    In this example, I would start as a Whiz.


    You will get an "alumni" badge that shows what rank you reached on the old system. If you were a Guru before, and your level is no longer called Guru, don't panic--you will still have an alum badge to showcase your former Guru status!


    There will be new "expertise tracks" that are product specific. For example, if you provide 10 Correct and 10 Helpful answers in any Fusion Middleware space, you will get 500 points and be awarded the title of Middleware Maven. This will be in addition to your regular points and badge for every Correct (100 points) and Helpful (50 points) answer.  We will be launching with only a few of these tracks: for Database, Fusion Middleware, Server and Storage Systems, and Java. We will be looking to create expertise tracks in other categories in the future!


    Badges are not retroactive. Using the same example, even if you already have 1,000,000 Correct and 1,000,000 Helpful answers in Fusion Middleware, you will still not have the Middleware Maven badge and points until you get 10 additional Helpful and 10 additional Correct. In that sense, the playing field is level and everyone is starting from scratch. In some cases this makes sense--you will keep all the points you've earned for getting Correct and Helpful answers in the past, and they will be scaled appropriately, so it would not make sense to award them again. In some cases you can re-do something you've already done (like uploading an avatar) to earn those points. And in some cases, it's just an unfortunate technical limitation.


    You will be able to see some of the badges you are eligible to earn from the new Reputation tab on your profile page. Some of these badges will be hidden and there will be secret and surprise badges you can discover over time.


    Only your level will be displayed in discussions, even if you are an ACE or a moderator. We will no longer have the icons under your avatar like so:

    Instead, only your level number will be displayed (see screenshot from Topliners below). In order to work around this, users with special status (ACEs, moderators, employees, etc.) will have an image overlaid on the avatar itself:


    If you are one of those special users, keep an eye out for more information on this shortly. You may start to see these images in the next couple of weeks as people begin setting them up.  Those users will also get a badge reflecting their status that can be displayed in their "Me in 3" badge (see next paragraph).

    When you hover over a username, information about their reputation will pop up, including their "Me in 3" badges. Each user can choose which badges to display in "Me in 3."  Here is an example from Topliners to give you an idea of what this would look like:

    This is where you can display your badges (like Middleware Maven or your Guru Alum badge) and ACEs, Java Champions, Moderators, etc. can display the appropriate badges, which might look something like this:


    Finally, there will no longer be points for every reply in the OTN product communities. There will be plenty of ways to earn points, but the best way to increase your status will be through providing Correct and Helpful answers to other users, as it has been in the past.


    I think this is enough to kick off the conversation. (A detailed FAQ is in the works and will be coming on or before our launch date.) I hope this new program will be a fun way for us to really celebrate your presence in the community, and let us reward you for all the ways you contribute. Let me know what you think or if you have any questions!