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    Welcome to the Eloqua Insight Resource Center


    Eloqua Insight is a powerful revenue reporting and analytics application for marketers that helps you get the answers you’re looking for - quickly. It integrates data from social media, email, website, and the sales pipeline from your CRM to help you connect the dots, close the loop and make decisions that drive revenue. You can access and share dashboards; drill into the details to determine what happened and why, and develop custom reports and charts that range from simple to sophisticated.

    All Eloqua10 clients receive access to the Reporter licence capabilities including:

    • Access, review and customize pre-built reports
    • Reformat grids and graphs, create thresholds, remove columns from a report, rename column headers, insert new calculated metrics into a report and pivot tables (For example, Reporters can easily ad visual thresholds to reports to indicate top, middle and low performing campaigns)
    • Create and save reports to their ‘my reports’ folder

    Marketers seeking to customize existing or build custom reports and dashboards from scratch can upgrade to an Analyzer licence.  Analyzer users tend to be power users and data specialists who want to add data from any other table in the Eloqua model that aren’t already part of that report. For example, an Analyzer user can filter an email analysis report by recipients who are CEOs in New York City to isolate response rates for that segment.  Analyzer users can also include data from custom fields on dashboards that let them view key metrics that are specific to their business.

    See Eloqua Insight in Action: