Ways to Use Forms in Eloqua

Версия 2

    You have four main ways you can use forms with Eloqua:


    1. Use an Eloqua form on an Eloqua Landing Page
      • This is easiest way to create and host forms.  It is all fully managed inside Eloqua.
      • Prepopulation will work if a person is coming from an email to your landing page without any additional coding. (you have to set up the field merges on each field on the form)
      • To do this you will need to create a landing page inside Eloqua and drag and drop the form on the page.
    2. Use an Eloqua form on your website- Using IFRAME
      • Create a landing page in Eloqua the exact size of the form.  Host just the Eloqua form on this landing page. Then host the form URL on your website.  Customer won't know it is hosted elsewhere but the form is fully controlled inside of Eloqua.  This allows you to make changes to the form, like picklist values, and not have to contact your website team to update the code.
    3. Use an Eloqua form on your website- Using HTML
      • In order to accomplish this you will need to copy the code from Eloqua and host it on your website.

                                                                   i.      Step 1: Create your form in Eloqua

                                                                 ii.      Step 2: Save your form (make sure you are completely done with edits BEFORE you do the next step)

                                                                iii.      Step 3: Go to the Gear Box in the top right corner of  the Eloqua form and select “View form HTML”.

    View form HTML.jpg

                                                               iv.      Step 4: Paste the HTML code onto your website

      • **NOTE** Once you copy the code if you change the form you will need to update the code on your website.

         4.  Use your form on your website and post data to Eloqua