Become a B2B Oracle Eloqua Master or Modern Marketing Luminary

Version 8


    A Modern Marketing B2B Luminary is a thought leader with proficiency in the Five Tenets of Modern Marketing:


    • Analysis
    • Conversion
    • Engagement
    • Targeting
    • Technology


    He or she is capable of defining effective modern marketing strategies and implementing them in Oracle Eloqua. The path to becoming a Modern Marketing Luminary starts by becoming a B2B Master.


    B2B Oracle Eloqua Master


    A Master is the first tier of Oracle Eloqua product and best practice recognition. Masters must renew their title annually to demonstrate their continued commitment to modern marketing excellence. Anyone who earns the Master title receives recognition on Topliners and a B2B Master certificate with the completion date. Obtaining a Master title requires completion of the B2B: Fundamentals Series, the Modern Marketing (MM): Revenue Performance Management (RPM) series, and a single exam that covers both. More information can be found here.


    From a Master to Luminary


    Being a Master is just the beginning. Masters can earn “Specialties” in one or more of the 5 Tenets of Modern Marketing – Analysis, Conversion, Engagement, Targeting, and Technology. To receive a specialty in a tenet and earn a corresponding Topliners badge, you simply need to complete the course aligned with that Tenet, shown in the Luminary requirements.


    Those who earn specialties in all 5 Tenets can attempt to earn the B2B Luminary title. Earning this title requires successful completion of an exam and a demonstration of modern marketing thought leadership. Visit this page to see the detailed requirements. The B2B Luminary title is difficult to earn and will not be for everyone. Those who obtain it are truly thought leaders and an example to others in our industry.


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