Certified and Supported Environments for Eloqua 9

Version 7

    Important:  For Eloqua 10, please read about E10 Supported Environments on our help center.


    Eloqua runs on most modern web browsers, on both the Windows and Mac OS operating systems.

    A (Best Choice): Browsers tested against a comprehensive new feature and regression test suite to provide a good experience with all functionality.

    B (Functional): Browsers with limited testing but assumed to be as fully functional as an A browser.  Often a new version of an A browser that was released after the last Eloqua release.

    C (Limited): Older browsers that can access the application but may not support all functionality. These browsers are not tested and Oracle may decide not to address known issues.

    F: Unsupported browsers.


    Operating System Support


    Operating SystemSupport Status
    Microsoft Windows 7A
    Microsoft Windows 8*B
    Mac OS XB

    *Only on computers that do not have touchscreen displays. There is no support for Windows 8 tablets.


    Browser Support


    ProductA (Best Choice)B (Functional)C (Limited)
    Eloqua 9

    Firefox 55

    Firefox 54+

    Firefox 53 or earlier

    IE8, IE9


    Note: The AppCloud Devleoper Framework is not supported in Eloqua 9. Any apps built using the AppCloud Developer Framework or REST APIs (including apps, partner apps, and customer apps) are not available in E9.