Reporting on Hours Logged In to Eloqua

Version 1

    When you look at tracking the total number of hours logged in to the Eloqua application, remember, sometimes a downward trend can be a good thing! For example, if you're a new customer you might spend quite a bit of time the first month or two getting all of your assets, campaigns and programs set up. Then after you have some of your repetitive tasks automated, your number of hours in the application may decrease while your productivity remains high. So, look carefully at this number and think about the details behind it.


    Eloqua 9:

    Go to Evaluate > Reporting > Report Console

    In the Search box type "Agent Online Executive Overview"

    Tip: Take a look at the "Client Benchmark Overview" report as well for several handy stats all in one place.


    Eloqua 10:

    Go to Setup > Users > Dashboards (menu) > Agent Activity Overview Dashboard > Agent Online Overview

    Note: You must have the "Customer Administrator" level of access to view this area.