Eloqua Cloud Apps - Basic Setup and Troublshooting

Version 1

    The purpose of this document is to provide basic setup and troubleshooting tips for issues with Eloqua Cloud Apps.


    If you are having general issues using an app, please consult this document, as you may find a solution.


    We will post frequent updates, so check back often.


    Not sure how to use a particular App?  See Eloqua Cloud App User Guides for more details.


    When setting up and configuring an App, here are some basic tips, as well as some things to watch out for:


    • Credentials
      • Whenever possible, use a system account with API permissions to run your apps.  By using a system account, password management is easier, as they don't expire the same way a regular account does (see your Eloqua admin for further details).
      • When your Eloqua credentials expire and you change your password, be sure to go into your apps and change them also.  Apps pausing due to expired or incorrect Eloqua (or third-party system) credentials is a very common issue.
      • If Contact-Level security is enabled for your instance, make sure that whatever account you are using to run the app has the proper access.  If the user cannot see the contacts, neither can the app, so restricted contacts will not be processed.


    • Field Mappings
      • Be sure not to "double-map" fields.  Each contact or custom date object field on the mapping screens should  be mapped only once.
      • Make sure your Unique Code is correctly set up.  In order to write data to a custom data object, you must set a unique code on the custom data object itself, as well as map this field accordingly in the app.  As a general rule, email address should not be used as the unique code unless the app specifically requires it.


    When working with Eloqua support, be sure to provide your App Details, found under the Support tab or button.  See Troubleshooting Eloqua Cloud Apps - The Support Information Screen for more details.




    I keep getting a duplicate entry error when my app runs, why?
    • Make sure that your Unique Code field is configured correctly on the custom data object and mapped in the app itself.
    • Ensure that you are not using Email Address as the Unique Code unless the app requires it.
    Why are my step members processing so slowly?
    • Due to the large amounts of data that cloudconnectors.eloqua.com processes, some apps may take a while to process all step members.
    • If Contact-Level security is enabled in Eloqua, be sure that the account that the app is set to run as has the proper access levels.
    When I perform a Dry Run, it shows me results, but a Full Run does not.  What could be wrong?
    • Make sure that the Eloqua credentials used in the App are not expired.  To do this, use these credentials to log in directly to Eloqua.  If you are asked to change them, then they are expired and will also need to be changed in cloudconnectors.eloqua.com
    • Check to make sure that you have not mapped the same field twice on the Mappings screen.
    On the configuration screen for my connector, I am not seeing any CDOs or Contact fields in the dropdowns.  It keeps telling me to enter my API credentials and save.
    • Make sure that the API is enabled for your instance.