Installing and using the Eventbrite Cloud App

Version 2

    Important: This Cloud Connector/Component will be decommissioned  after March 31st 2017. Please review the App Replacement Cheatsheet for instructions


    Eventbrite Cloud App

    This article will describe the Eventbrite cloud application, how to have it enabled for your Eloqua instance and configured to display on your Landing Page.

    Please note that this document assumes the reader is an E10 user and is familiar with Landing Pages. In order to use the app, you must first register with


    How to Install the Component

    The Eventbrite app is already available in E10, but may need to be enabled.

    See here for more information.


    Using the Component on a Landing Page

    A Cloud Component is inserted into a landing page via drag and drop within the editor.

    From the editor tool, select the "Cloud Components" button. A select box containing all of the available Cloud Components will appear.

    Use the search box to find the Eventbrite component.



    Next, drag and drop the component onto the landing page.

    Save the page and then double-click on the icon that you just dropped onto the page. The following screen will appear :


    Enter your credentials and log in. The configuration screen for the Eventbrite cloud component will then be displayed.



    Enter your API Key and Organizer ID, then click save settings. A list of Eventbrite events will appear.

    Select and Event and click save. You can choose the display your Widget as :

    • Button
    • Calendar
    • Countdown
    • Registration
    • Ticket


    Widgets like the Button and Calendar are great for promoting events on existing pages, see the Calendar example :



    While others like the Registration form can be used to display the entire Event registration or Ticketing site :



    We hope that you find this helpful.