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    Blind forms are a great way to improve conversion rates in those situations where you already have the data that you need on the contact but you still want to track their activities and/or set off some automation based on a form submission - without actually making the contact fill out a form. As a reference, here's heatherfoeh's Topliners document on how to build a blind form:  Eloqua9: Trigger multiple actions with an email click-through (via "blind form submit")


    The step that our users have a difficult time with is putting together the URL together. To remedy this, we've built a simple blind-form link generator tool that builds the URL for them. So now, they can follow the instructions in the document above until it's time to build the URL, then just feed this data into the Blind Form Link Generator and it'll create the link.


    Anyway, It's just HTML and JavaScript so please feel free to take it, customize and improve it if you like.


    Blind Form Link Generator


    Please let me know what you think. Is this useful?