Easy to use responsive template

Version 1
Visibility: Open to anyone

    Short Story:

    Need an easy to use, Litmus and Eloqua tested responsive email template? Here it is.

    Long Story:

    Creating responsive emails using the WYSIWYG editor can be difficult and challenging to test and problem solve. The attached template that has proven to be easy to edit and robust during litmus tests.


    To edit, simply copy and paste the relevant column (single or two) sections into the template. You can have multiple sections, to satisfy most email designs.

    Template includes:

    • CSS (Both inline and
    • @Media queries
    • Example header and footer locations
    • Single Column layout
    • Two Column layout
    • Dual (Single & Two column) layout
    • All easily identified with tags and instructions.

    Please note: This requires basic HTML & CSS Skills.