Installing and using the Radian6 Buzz App from the AppCloud

Version 2

    Important: This Cloud Connector/Component will be decommissioned  after March 31st 2017. Please review the App Replacement Cheatsheet for instructions


    Radian6 Buzz Cloud Application


    What does it do and why should I use it?


    The Radian6 Buzz App allows you to embed highly targeted, real-time social discussions directly into an Eloqua landing page.

    Using the Radian6 Buzz app you can ensure that you are exposing content that is highly relevant and filtered for sentiment, avoiding any negative or non-relevant posts being shown to your visitors.




    This allows you to embed rotating dynamic content from the social web based upon the following criteria curated in Radian6:


    • Sentiment (Positive/Negative)
    • Post/Source Tags
    • Recency


    This will allow you to embed timely, sentiment-filtered discussion on to a landing page to align perfectly to your marketing goals.


    **Please note that currently this app only supports twitter results from Radian6**


    What do I need to use this Cloud App?



    Note: When creating your account on, make sure the user whose Eloqua credentials you provide is added to the “API Users” security group to ensure it has API access.  Your Eloqua administrator will have to do this for you.


    How to Install the Radian6 Buzz App


    The Radian6 Buzz App is already available for use in E10, but may need to be enabled.

    See here for more information.


    Adding the Radian6 Buzz App to an Eloqua Landing Page


    To add the app to a Landing Page, open the landing page and click on "Cloud Components" icon in the toolbar:



    Then drag the Radian6 Buzz App on to the landing page:


    Position the content as desired:


    To set up the app content, double click on the Radian6 app on the landing page canvas.

    You should see a login screen:


    Enter your login credentials and continue to:


    Fill in your Radian6 credentials and save and you should see:




    All of the following setup fields are populated from Radian6:

    • Radian6 post tags
    • Radian6 source tags
    • Radian6 topic ids
    • Radian5 sentiment level

    Eloqua setup fields:

    • Result Count - Maximum number of total items
    • Number of Hours in the past to scan - how long in the past to retrieve results from. This field has a max of 2160 hours, which is 90 days.
    • Cache Duration - How often to retrieve new results.
    • Number of Results to display per screen - Number of posts in the widget to display at the same time
    • Interval for new screen of results - How long in milliseconds the current content should show before scrolling to the next set


    Once you have finished setting up the application you can click "Preview" to preview the component by itself or return to your landing page and see your results.