Installing and Using the SlideShare Cloud App

Version 2

    Important: This Cloud Connector/Component will be decommissioned  after March 31st 2017. Please install the replacement app.


    SlideShare Cloud App


    This article will describe the SlideShare Embed App, how to have it enabled for your Eloqua instance, and configure it for display on your E10 landing page. This document assumes that the reader is an E10 user, and is familiar with using landing pages.

    In order to use the SlideShare EmbedApp, you must be registered at


    What is the difference between and


    SlideShare Cloud App Components


    The SlideShare Cloud App consists of:

      • SlideShare Embed Cloud Component - allows you to embed a SlideShare slideshow into an E10 landing page.
      • SlideShare Lead Query Feeder - allows you to query Slideshare for all leads who have visited any campaign or a particular campaign


    Components of the AppCloud


    How to Install the SlideShare Embed Component


    The SlideShare Embed Component is already available for use in E10, but may need to be enabled.


    See here for more information.


    Using the Component on a Landing Page


         A Cloud Component is inserted into a landing page via drag and drop within the landing page editor.


         From the editor toolbar, select the "Cloud Components" button.  A select box containing all of the available Cloud Components will then display.


         Use the search box to find the SlideShare Embed component.




    Next, Drag and Drop the SlideShare Embed component onto the landing page:




    Now, save the page, then double-click the icon that you just dropped onto the page.  The following screen will appear:



    Enter your credentials and log in.  The configuration screen for the SlideShare Embed cloud component will then be displayed:




    On the configuration screen, you will have the choice of two different methods to find your slideshow.  (NOTE: This app will only work with public slideshows)


    1.  Find your slideshow by searching for it.




    Simply enter your search term in the first box, then click Search.


    The search Results will appear at the bottom of the screen.




    In the Results list, hover over the slideshow title to view the full title and description.  To select the slideshow, simply click on the thumbnail.

    (NOTE: only the first 12 results will be shown, if you cannot find your file, further refine your search and try again).


    2.  Find your slideshow by entering the URL for the slideshow you wish to embed.




    Enter the URL for your slideshow, then click Get Slideshow.


    If you have entered the URL correctly, your slideshow will be displayed in the Results list.




    After you've clicked the thumbnail to select your slideshow, the current selection will be displayed.




    Click Save Settings, then close the configuration window.


    Now, render the landing page, and you will see your embedded SlideShare slideshow on the page where you placed it.