Building Apps for the Oracle Marketing AppCloud

Version 4

    Why Join the Oracle Eloqua AppCloud Marketplace?


    Network with a rapidly growing ecosystem of Oracle Marketing Cloud clients:

    • 2,500+ customers comprised of enterprise, mid-market, and small business segments across diverse industries and geographic locations
    • 75,000+ active users
    • 150+ partners globally

    Partner Benefits:

    • Solution page on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.  Use this real estate to showcase your solution, host a demo video, apply call-to-actions, etc. This should be a consistent source of customer inquiries.
    • Work with Oracle Marketing Cloud partner marketing for possible inclusion in co-marketing initiatives such as a feature in the customer newsletter, collaborative blog and community posts, a press release etc.
    • Possibility to educate Oracle Marketing Cloud employees: sales, marketing, account management, professional services and leadership teams via internal team calls and lunch and learns.


    How to Get Started


    AppCloud Developer Framework and Bulk API

    Review the Oracle Eloqua AppCloud Developer Framework and Bulk API Documentation as these are the two main ways in which you will interact with the Eloqua platform.

    Visit Code It for Developer Resources and Documentation

    Visit the Code It  section of Topliners to understand how to get started technically, what resources exist, and to join the discussion and be a part of the Oracle Marketing Cloud's actively growing developer community.  Within "Code It" you will also find this essential resource: Building On The Eloqua Platform - A Resource Guide.

    Join the Oracle Marketing AppCloud Partner Program

    Upon reviewing the technical information listed above and determining an interest in building an app for the AppCloud the next step would be to visit this link to request the Partner Agreement:

    This will trigger someone from the Oracle Marketing AppCloud team to contact you. Developer instances will be provisioned for partners who join the Oracle Marketing AppCloud Partner Program.


    Support for technical and development questions are best handled by creating a new discussion in Code It by following this link:!input.jspa?containerType=14&containerID=2007.  Questions are typically answered quickly by Oracle Marketing Cloud staff or the development community and become searchable for others in the future.


    Review the Oracle Marketing AppCloud Certification Program

    All apps must go through the Oracle Marketing AppCloud Certification Program before they will be accepted. 

    All apps must be built on the Oracle Eloqua AppCloud Developer Framework.  No apps built on Cloud Connector or Cloud Component technology will be accepted.

    Please ensure you are familiar with the program before you begin development - in particular ensure you have read the latest versions of the following documents:

    Join OPN (Oracle Partner Network)

    Visit this link to join OPN.  Do so by first creating a personal web account, then create a profile for your company, then complete the OPN Membership Application and agree to the online terms of the OPN Agreement.  You should receive an approval email in 2 or 3 business days.  If you need assistance with this process, contact the Partner Business Center.

    Note: this step can be done at any time - you do not need to wait to have a certified app.  In fact, it can speed the process along if you join OPN before certification.

    Join the Oracle Cloud Marketplace and Post Your Listing

    The final step is to join the Oracle Cloud Marketplace and post your listing.  To do this, you must have successfully enrolled in OPN.

    Follow these instructions to become a publisher on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.  Once you are approved, you can then create your listing.