SAM-QFS End of Life Storage Devices

Version 2

    Ending Support for Certain Storage Devices by SAM-QFS

    Support has ended for certain older storage devices by SAM-QFS at the 5.4 release.  They are all older storage devices, in most cases end-of-life'd themselves by their respective vendor.  SAM-QFS will drop support for the following storage devices at the next release, and will remove code to support them with the next release after that.  This should provide customers time to migrate to newer storage hardware as needed.

    The list of storage devices that will end support with the next release:

    Interoperable Storage Libraries
    StorEdge L7
    StorEdge L8
    StorEdge L25
    StorEdge L100
    StorEdge L5500
    StorEdge L6000
    StorEdge L9
    StorEdge L20/40/80
    StorEdge L280
    StorEdge L1000
    StorageTek or StorEdge C4
    Sun StorageTek VTL 1.0
    Sun StorageTek VTL 2.0
    Sun StorageTek VTL Prime
    Sun StorageTek 5800 (1.1)
    STK 9310
    STK TimberWolf 9710
    STK TimberWolf 9714
    STK TimberWolf 9730
    STK TimberWolf 9738
    STK TimberWolf 9740
    ADIC Scalar 224
    ADIC Scalar 448
    ADIC Scalar 458
    ADIC Scalar 100
    ADIC Scalar 1000
    Ampex DST 410
    ATL 2/28
    ATL 2/52
    ATL 4/52
    ATL 26/176
    ATL 2640 Series
    ATL 7100 Series
    ATL L200
    ATL L500
    ATL M1500
    ATL M2500
    ATL P1000
    ATL P4000
    DEC/Quantum DLT 4500 Stacker
    DEC/Quantum DLT 4700 Stacker
    DEC/Quantum DLT 7500 Stacker
    DISC DocuStore Series
    Exabyte 210
    Exabyte 230 D
    Exabyte 215 A
    Exabyte 215 M
    Exabyte 430 A
    Exabyte 430 M
    Fujitsu LT300N M8100
    Fujitsu ETERNUS LT270 and LT250
    Grau Data Storage IVD-E
    Grau Data Storage IVD-M
    Grau Data Storage IVD-XL
    Grau Infinistore
    HP Magneto-Optical
    Mountain Gate D-360 Series
    Overland Data LXB
    Overland Data NEO Series 4100
    Plasmon G-Enterprise
    Plasmon M20
    Plasmon M32
    Plasmon M52
    Plasmon M104
    Plasmon M156
    Plasmon M258
    Plasmon M500
    Qualstar RLS Series
    Qualstar TLS Series
    Quantum/ATL P4000
    Quantum PX500
    Sony CSM-20S
    Sony CSM-60 PetaSite
    Sony CSM-100 PetaSite
    Sony CSM-200 PetaSite
    Sony DMS B9
    Sony DMS B9
    Sony DMS B150L
    Sony DMS 35
    Sony DMS 80L
    Sony DMS-8400 PetaSite
    Spectra Logic 2000
    Spectra Logic 9000
    Spectra Logic 10000S
    Interoperable Tape Drives and Media
    Ampex DST310
    Ampex DST312, 312S,312L,312M
    Ampex DST314,314L,314M,314S
    Archive Python
    Exabyte 8505
    Exabyte Mammoth II
    HP LTO-1
    HP LTO-2
    HP Optical 1.3GB
    HP Optical 2.6GB
    HP Optical 5.2GB
    HP Optical 9.1GB
    IBM 3490
    IBM 3490E
    IBM 3570/3570c
    IBM 3590
    IBM 3590E
    IBM 3590H
    IBM 3592 J1A
    IBM 3592 E05
    IBM 3592 700GB
    IBM LTO-1
    IBM LTO-2
    Plasmon UDO/MO
    Quantum DLT 2000
    Quantum DLT 4000
    Quantum DLT 7000
    Quantum Super DLT 220
    Quantum Super DLT 320
    Seagate LTO-1
    Sony AIT-1
    Sony AIT-2
    Sony AIT-3
    Sony SAIT-1
    Sony SAIT-2
    Sony DTF-1
    Sony DTF-2
    Sony Optical F521
    Sony Optical F541
    Sony Optical F551
    Sun StorageTek T9840A
    Sun StorageTek T9840B
    StorageTek D-3 (Redwood)
    Interoperable Network Attached Robotic Interfaces
    STK ACSLS 6.0
    STK ACSLS 6.1
    STK ACSLS 7.0
    ADIC/Grau DAS 3.12
    Sony DZC-8000S