SAM-QFS 5.4 Readme & Release Notes

Version 1

    * Copyright (c) 2013, 2014, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

                StorageTek QFS and StorageTek Storage Archive Manager
                     README and Release Notes for the 5.4 release
                                  August 1, 2014

    This file contains both the README.txt and the release notes for this release.

    The StorageTek Storage Archive Manger and StorageTek QFS Software
    documentation can be found at:

    Additional information is available from the SAM-QFS wiki:

    Operating System Requirements
    The StorageTek Storage Archive Manger and StorageTek QFS Software require
    the following minimum operating system levels:

    * Solaris: (Metadata server or client):
        - Oracle Solaris 10 10/08 or later
        - Oracle Solaris 10 10/08 or later for x86 (32-bit) (client only)
        - Oracle Solaris 11
        - Oracle Solaris 11.1

    * Linux:
        - Oracle Linux 5.9 for x64 platforms
        - Oracle Linux 5.10 for x64 platforms
        - Oracle Linux 6.3 for x64 platforms without UEK
        - Oracle Linux 6.4 for x64 platforms without UEK
        - Oracle Linux 6.5 for x64 platforms without UEK
        - RedHat Enterprise Linux 5.9 for x64 platforms
        - RedHat Enterprise Linux 5.10 for x64 platforms
        - RedHat Enterprise Linux 6.3 for x64 platforms
        - RedHat Enterprise Linux 6.4 for x64 platforms
        - RedHat Enterprise Linux 6.5 for x64 platforms
        - SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (service pack 1) for x64 platforms

    Significant New Features
    * Samsetup
        Samsetup is a menu-driven, command-line interface that provides easier
        initial setup and configuration of file systems, disk archiving,
        and tape archiving.  For more information, see the documentation or
        the samsetup(1m) man page.

    * Distributed I/O
        The distributed I/O feature makes Storage Archive Manager solutions
        horizontally scalable.  Distributed I/O applies to both archiving
        and staging.  The SAM metadata server still controls scheduling and
        policy, but distributes the actual I/O to a set of specially
        configured clients.  Currently all clients must be Solaris, and
        have access to the tape drives via fibre channel.  This feature
        requires Solaris 11 or greater.

    * Ephemeral ID support
        This feature allows Windows environments that use Active Directory (AD)
        to join and mount SAM-QFS file systems via CIFS.  Any authenticated
        AD user can use a QFS share.  Ephemeral IDs are mapped to temporary
        Unix ID's > 2^31 and are mapped by idmapd(1m) to an SID.  No QFS
        configuration is needed for this feature to work.

    * Extended Attributes
        Extended attributes are customer defined meta-data that is stored on
        a per file or directory basis.  The data stored in the extended
        attributes are free-form.  These are described in more detail in
        the fsattr(5) man page for Solaris and attr(5) for Linux.  Linux
        extended attributes are limited to 4096 bytes for Linux, and are
        unlimited for Solaris.

    * LTFS
        This feature lets SAM-QFS import tapes that are formatted in LTFS
        format.  Support is limited to StorageTek T10000C & T10000D, and
        HP/IBM LTO-5 & LTO-6 drives.  LTFS files are imported into the QFS
        file system via metadata, so staging in the entire LTFS tape is not
        required.  See the documentation and the ltfs(7) and samltfs(1m) man
        pages.  This feature requires Solaris 11.1 or greater.

    * IPS
        Customers can now install SAM-QFS on Solaris 11 or greater using the
        new Solaris IPS format. See the SAM-QFS installation guide for more

    * Periodic Media validation (PMV)
        This feature automatically validates media using the DIV feature.
        An administrator sets policies that automatically run the
        tpverify(1m) command to ensure that DIV protected tapes remain
        readable. See the documentation and the verifyd.cmd(4) man page.
        This feature requires Solaris 11 or greater.

    * DIV support for IBM LTO-5/6 and HP LTO-6
        DIV now supports LTO-5/6 and HP LTO-6 tape drives using the
        Reed-Solomon checksum algorithm. There is no hardware acceleration,
        so DIV for LTO is somewhat slower than T10000 Intel-CRC DIV.

    * Stage Priority
        This features lets the system administrator prioritize certain
        stage requests.  The new "-I" parameter of the stage(1) command
        indicates that a stage request should be done immediately and new
        directives have been added to stager.cmd(4) and archiver.cmd(4).
        This changes lets administrators assign a lower priority to
        re-archiving (either manually done or via recycling) so that it
        does not interfere with regular archiving.

    * Samfsdump/samfsrestore
        Samfsdump/samfsrestore (or qfsdump/qfsrestore if only the QFS
        packages are installed) were modified to dump and restore LTFS
        imported files, as well as files with extended attributes.
        This required changing the "dump header version number".  This
        means that dumps made on 5.4 that use these features will not
        be able to be read on a 5.3 or previous system.  Dumps made
        previous to 5.3 are readable on 5.4.

    Important Notes
    * DIV settings in /etc/kernel/st.conf
        The DIV algorithm for T10000C/D drives is configurable to Reed Solomon
        or Intel CRC.  SAM-QFS uses Intel CRC only for archiving, and
        accepts either for staging.  Tapes accessed outside of SAM-QFS
        (manual read via star(1M) for example) will use the Solaris 11 default.
        We strongly recommend adding the following line to the Solaris 11
        /kernel/drv/st.conf file:
            "STK     T10000C", "crc32c", "stk-crc32c",
            "STK     T10000D", "crc32c", "stk-crc32c"; <--- add this line

    * Device driver change for direct attached libraries
        Samst has been replaced by the standard Solaris sgen(7D) driver.  The
        samst driver is still included but is not installed.  This makes
        SAM-QFS more consistent in how Solaris deals with directly
        attached libraries.

    * The file system options mask was modified to include a flag to
        indicate if a file system has LTFS imported files, or files with
        extended attributes.  If either of these features are used,
        the file system will not be mountable on a 5.3 or previous

    * Regarding the following two SAM-QFS Manager GUI bugs, there is a workaround
        needed for Java 6 and above:
        16798129 sam-fs shows 'could not compile stylesheet' when view reports in webconsole
        18896583 SAM-QFS GUI fails some operations in Java 6 and greater
        The workaround for these bugs
        1. Download the Xalan Java jar files (xalan.jar, xml-apis.jar,
            xercesImpl.jar, serializer.jar)
        2. Add the above jar files at /opt/SUNWfsmgr/samqfsui/WEB-INF/lib
        3. Restart the Oracle Java Web Console by running
            "/usr/sbin/smcwebserver restart"

    New Devices Qualified
    * ACSLS 8.2 and 8.3
    * T10000D (came with 5.3-02 patch)
    * T10000D with Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)
    * LTO-6 (came with 5.3-01 patch)
    * LTO-6 DIV for IBM/HP
    * LTO-5 DIV for IBM
    * Quantum i500/i2000/i6000 libraries (came with 5.3-02 patch)

    Solaris Cluster
    Oracle Solaris Cluster (OSC) 4.2 was tested and qualified with
    SAM-QFS 5.4 running on Solaris 11.1.

    Significant Bugs Fixed
    18889646  SAM archiver can incorrectly write tapes with default block size
    18844805  sam-qfs 5.3.14 ELNRNG error when creating file on linux client
    18830369  sam-stagrd_copy error recovery broken, file marked damaged
    18673521  retry div tape block read failures with position followed by read
    18436185  MDS system panic Deadlock: cycle in blocking chain
    18340088  stager div crc - handle mismatched reed-solomon / intel CRC in stager
    18173485  stager seems not being notified about load error, staging hung
    17952728  2 T10kC tapes containing archived SAM-QFS files were
            overwritten with incorrect
    17751619  samfsdump doesn't sort inodes in optimal order on i86
    17552770  Case-insensitive scan walking off end of directory, causing panics
    17433049  File got release before min_residence_age
    17379150  SAM-QFS: NFSv4 ACL - 0:group@:read_acl/write_acl:deny not
            working on shared
    17228040  samfs5.3 + Sol11 smb service: permission settings not
            regarded on CIFS client
    16976529  Stage from disk archive failed with Invalid tar header
    16779942  Stage failed with Invalid tar header, affected copy marked damage
    16659115  Wrong checksum value is generated by stager in some cases
    16634419  When div is on the staging from the T10KB drives drops below
            1Mb/s and the below
    16447154  shrink on large LUNs can reference incorrect disk block
    16279321  Reading QFS sparse file with multiple IO vectors can result
            in data corruption
    15931062  SAM-QFS, improve archiver DIV performance
    15923189  Sol 11 / samfs 5.3-- sam-arfind process hangs in a directory.
    15823392  SUNBT7205200 SAM-QFS shared file system supports only 16
            additional groups per u
    15815137  SUNBT7197462 Stage error can persist after fault is cleared
    15793165  SUNBT7170622 MDS panic in sam_putsock_message
    15756568  SUNBT7114308 Staging Performance Problem with 5.2

    Features Removed
    * Tivoli/SANergy support was removed from SAM-QFS.
    * Support for many old tape drives and libraries were removed from
        SAM-QFS.  See the following wiki page for details:

    * The following SAM-QFS features require Solaris 11:
        - Periodic media validation (and DIV)
        - Distributed I/O
        - Ephemeral ID support
        - LTFS support (requires Solaris 11.1)
        - CIFS exporting via Solaris kernel