Oracle HSM 6.0

Version 2

    Oracle HSM and StorageTek QFS 6.0 release.

    At the 6.0 release, StorageTek Storage Archive Manager are renamed to Oracle Hierarchical Storage Manager, or Oracle HSM for short.  This change expresses an ongoing commitment by Oracle to this product.  A variety of system messages, command outputs, man pages, and package descriptions have "SAM-QFS" changed to "Oracle HSM".  Aside from these textual changes, the features and functionality of the 6.0 release is the same as the 5.4-02 patch release.

    Release Notes and Documentation

    Locating Oracle HSM 6.0 on Oracle Software Delivery Cloud (Edelivery)

    1. Navigate to Oracle Software Delivery Cloud.
    2. Log in, and accept licenses.
    3. Select "Oracle StorageTek Products" for "Select a Product Pack".
    4. Select any version of Oracle Solaris for "Platform", and hit "Go".
    5. Select either "Oracle Hierarchical Storage Manager (HSM) 6.0", or "StorageTek QFS 6.0", and hit "Download".

    Support and Training