VTS Middleware Track Resources - September 2015

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    A collection of resources to supplement the sessions in the September 2015 OTN Virtual Technology Summit Middleware track. which focuses on Oracle PaaS services.MWVTSlivedaysocial.jpg


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    Articles, podcasts, and videos covering various aspects of cloud computing and PaaS.


    • Article: Managing Multiple Applications in Oracle Mobile Cloud Service
      This article by Oracle A-Team solution architect Yannick Ongena guides you through some of the concepts used in the Oracle Mobile Cloud Service so you'll have a better understanding of how to manage multiple API’s and expose them to different applications

    • Article: Creating a Mobile-Optimized REST API Using Oracle Mobile Cloud Service – Part 1: API Design
      Solution architect Steven Davelaar kicks off an article series that examines how Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (MCS) can be used to transform these enterprise system interfaces into a mobile-optimized REST-JSON API.

    • Article: Leverage Oracle Paas for SaaS
      Article by Arvind Srinivasamoorthy, a solution architect on the Oracle A-Team.

    • Article: Extending Oracle Sales Cloud Using Oracle Java Cloud Service
      In spite of powerful capabilities of the tools available in the Oracle Sales Cloud it is sometimes desirable to build these extensions outside of Sales Cloud and deploy them to Oracle Platform Cloud offerings such as Oracle Java Cloud Service.Arvind Srinivasamoorthy's article presents one such use case.

    • Podcast: Cloud at Collaborate
      This four-part series assembles a panel of cloud experts with the objective of learning how this year’s Collaborate cloud track differed from last year’s, and how the conversations about cloud computing have evolved since the spring of 2014.

    • Podcast: SOA and Cloud: Where is this Relationship Going?
      Opinions vary on the relationship between service oriented architecture and cloud computing. Some say SOA is essential to the cloud. Others say cloud is entirely possible without SOA. In this three-part program three members of the Masons of     SOA, the group behind the Industrial SOA article series, offer their insight into the issue.

    • Video: Extending Oracle Cloud Applications with PaaS4SaaS
      What are your options for extending cloud applications Oracle ERP and HCM? Oracle ACE Director Debra Lilley, Vice President of Cloud Services for Certus Solutions, explains the basics of PaaS4SaaS and the use of the Java Cloud Service to extend cloud apps.

    • Video: Tuning Use Cases for PaaS4SaaS Success
      Julian Orr, Senior Usability Engineer at Oracle, describes key steps you can take in your PaaS4SaaS project to insure that you're not just building the thing right, but that you're building the right thing.

    • Video: DevOps and PaaS - A New Philosophy
      Do you believe that most applications will fit in a Paas offering? Making his fourth appearance in a 2 Minute Tech Tip, Oracle director of product development and "eCommerce in the Cloud" author Kelly Goetsch devotes his 120 seconds to an explanation of why Oracle changed its mind on that point, and why you should, too.