A/B Testing: DIY Marketing Success

Version 13

    Use the resources on this page as an action plan to help you implement a/b testing within your organization. Here's a quick overview on how to use this page:


    Learn about a/b testing by reviewing guides, videos, customer success stores, and OMC Academy courses.


    Use the what you've learned to start preparing and planning for testing in your organization.


    Implement your plan using the templates and tools in the step-by-step checklist.


    Take your plan a step further by exploring related products and services.


    If you get stuck, find answers to your questions through one of many support channels.


    Review these resources to get a better understanding of a/b testing

    Read some customer success stories

    Learn more about this topic

    Participate in web or hands-on training


    Create a custom a/b testing plan for your organization

    Once you understand the concepts, assess where you currently are and your organization's goals. Create a plan with a list of your priorities and brainstorm ideas to get started.

    The Boost Series Plan Builders are web-based automated tools that help you follow best practices when creating a plan for your organization. While we don't have a Testing Plan Builder just yet, you can browse other available topics below.

    Plan Builder Topics


    Follow this step-by-step checklist to implement your a/b testing plan


    Identify the most impactful opportunities using the Program Effectiveness Tracker and determine which programs to focus your testing efforts. With Campaign Element Assessment you can test variations of any number of individual campaign elements. Identify the ones that will give you the most bang for your A/B testing buck.


    Read about the concepts in Email Features to Test and get some ideas about the types of elements you can isolate and test.


    Define your test details with the A/B Test Planner and develop a benchmark.


    Create a schematic map of multi-stage, automated email initiatives and create an outline document using Program Mapper and Outline Builder. The Content Planner is a great way to start developing email and landing page content ideas for the campaign(s) you are testing.


    Ensure you have the data you need by adding your test campaigns/programs to the Data Gap Analyzer to identify potential gaps and then fill those gaps.


    Assess the results by once again using the Program Effectiveness Tracker, comparing against your benchmark, and building on prior optimizations.


    Benchmark and track your progress using the appropriate KPI template: B2B or B2C.


    Share your success with your Customer Success Manager and in the Topliners Community.


    Begin developing your next strategic initiative by exploring the Boost Series Plan Builders, or talk to your Customer Success Manager about a Success Plan.


    Consider related products and services to take your plan a step further

    Related products and services

    • With Oracle Maxymiser, website optimization is as easy as a single line of code. Bring all your customer data into focus. Run simple A/B testing and super-complex multivariate testing. Track and analyze customer behavior across all channels. Sharpen your personalization sweet spot. Gain customer insights like never before.


    Find answers to technical questions or talk to someone who can help

    Technical support

    • Search for solutions, access support tools, and create a service request using MyOracle Support (Oracle SSO required).
    • Ask a question to the community in the Do It or Code It sections of Topliners.

    Strategic support

    • Share your plan with your Customer Success Manager (CSM) and talk about your strategy. Your CSM will help keep your plan on track and suggest what steps you should take next.
    • Ask a question to the community in the Imagine It or See It sections of Topliners.