Community Posting Etiquette

Version 19

    Welcome! This post outlines the general terms of etiquette for posting on Oracle Community. Please make sure to read through the Rules of Conduct before posting. Contributions to the Oracle Community should be productive and enhance the community experience. Productive criticism is encouraged, but posts of a disparaging or inflammatory nature are unwelcome and will be rejected.


    As a general code of etiquette, all posts should be mindful and respectful of the community and the purpose of the forums. Keep in mind that the community is meant to facilitate discussion. All posts are moderated with consideration of their adherence to the following etiquette guidelines:


    Check through existing documentation

    Double check that your inquiry has not already been addressed in existing documentation. A great place to start is the documentation at Also consider using the Search facility on the community.


    Consider your tone

    Approach discussions, even ones where disagreements arise, with respect to those engaging with you. Do not use all capitals, as this is considered shouting.


    Be as specific as possible

    Your subject line should be clear, the content of your inquiry should be in-depth, and the reason for your post should be clearly evident.


    Be courteous of others’ time

    Do not mark your question as urgent or ASAP. Don't put personal contact details in your question and expect people to contact you via phone or email. Community questions should be answered in the community.


    Provide resources and context needed to answer your question

    Provide the product and full version, as well as any relevant information about the device/software you are experiencing the issues with.


    Be attentive to general rules regarding content

    Links to outside blogs and websites will likely be considered spam. (See the general FAQ for more detailed guidelines on this.) Keep links out of your signature, do not include confidential or proprietary content, proofread your post, and do not plagiarize.


    Respond appropriately when your question has been addressed

    Proper etiquette is that the poster should provide feedback to those who provide answers to questions; mark responses accordingly as “Correct” or “Helpful.” You can only mark one answer as Correct, though as many as you like as Helpful.


    Don't beg for points or pressure members into marking your response correct or helpful

    Asking for positive responses to your posts in an effort to elevate your profile status can be construed as "point begging" and will not be permitted.


    Don't post exam or certification questions for other users to answer

    This is considered cheating and is not permitted. Your account may be suspended or banned for this type of activity.


    Don't delete any of the posts even if the post is one you created

    Do not delete any questions or answers in the community platform.Even though it is solved for you mark which answered helped you .This will help other users when they have similar kind of issue.



    If you have any questions about any of these guidelines, please feel free to ask us in the Getting Started group.


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