Oracle CX Marketing - Responsys Compatibility Review

Version 8



    All Responsys apps developed by Oracle Marketing AppCloud partners and published on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace will need to go through the Oracle Marketing AppCloud Responsys Compatibility Review.  This process has been implemented to ensure that our partners are providing our customers with the best integrated app experience possible.


    Here is the process that Oracle Marketing AppCloud partners will follow in order to build and publish their integrated apps:


    Step 1: Join the AppCloud Program


    Partner joins the Oracle Marketing AppCloud Partner Program by filling out the Oracle Marketing AppCloud Onboarding Questionnaire.


    Step 2: Develop an Integration


    The AppCloud Partner develops an integration solution ("app") using the following documentation:



    Step 3:Compatibility Review

    The review process has four main areas of focus:


    • Validation of the business use case
      • What is the problem that this integration solves?
      • How is the user experience from a marketer's perspective?
    • Validation of the onboarding process
      • What is involved in setting up your integration with a joint customer?
      • Are there profile extension tables or supplemental tables that need to be created?
      • Are there Connect jobs that need to be set up?
      • Is the process documented or is there a managed service you offer?
    • Validation of the technology
      • Are you using the correct APIs in the correct way?
      • Are you within the scale tolerance of the platform?
      • Is data flow secure?
    • End-to-end demo of the integration
      • We want to validate the integration and see it in action.
    • Validation of the ongoing support process
      • If a customer is having issues, who and how does the partner contact?
      • Is documentation/FAQ provided?


    Once the above four areas have been validated and documented, the app is considered AppCloud Compatible.


    Step 4: Join OPN (Oracle Partner Network)


    Visit this link to join OPN.  Do so by first creating a personal web account, then create a profile for your company, then complete the OPN Membership Application and agree to the online terms of the OPN Agreement.  You should receive an approval email in 2 or 3 business days.  If you need assistance with this process, contact the Partner Business Center.


    Note: this step can be done at any time - you do not need to wait for the review to complete.  In fact, it can speed the process along if you join OPN before the review is complete.


    Step 5: Join the Oracle Cloud Marketplace and Post Your Listing


    The final step is to join the Oracle Cloud Marketplace and post your listing.  To do this, you must have successfully enrolled in OPN.


    Follow these instructions to become a publisher on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.  Once you are approved, you can then create your listing.