Version 1

    An overall guideline for this program is that we want to gather up the enthusiasm and skill sets of Java developers around the world, but then focus their efforts at specific areas within JSRs. For example, this means that for the latest complex language features in Java 8 we'll encourage most 'Adopt a JSR' members to try the latest builds, evangelise the betas to major open source projects and to provide feedback on day-to-day usage.  A smaller number of JUG members who are really qualified in the area of language design (if you think syntax is the important bit, then this probably isn't you) will be encouraged to contribute more directly. This of course includes enthusiasts who are willing to put in the time to really learn about this stuff.  As Yara from SouJava pointed out at Devoxx, this is a great opportunity to also mentor budding experts in the various JSRs, so that there is a path for those who want to travel it.