Java Hub

Version 39

    Head over to the Java Hub - including the Maker Zone and the Robot Cloud Showfloor - to discover the power of Java technologies through hands-on demonstrations from Oracle and the community. Check out 3-D printing, Java-designed drones, voting machines, and Java-powered embroidery. This experience is brought to you by Oracle Technology Network.








    HearingNest Art Experience: Draw shapes using the JavaOne GluOn app. German artist Mirja Wellman will create a 3D Hearing Nest sculpture from attendee cutouts. The sculpture will displayed at the community keynote














    Portable, Self-powering, Cloud-connected Internet of Things - The Renewable Energy (RE) system - photovoltaic (PV) panel & wind turbine -  powers its own activity monitor.














    Robot Meet-Up: Meet Nao, a humanoid and programmable robot, created by Aldebaran Robotics. Stop by and learn how to program the robots of the future.







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    3D Printing: Experience the entire process of creating 3D objects from modeling to printing. Watch and compare the latest resin laser printer and the fused filament Ultimaker. Model 3D shapes with the Java Constructive Solid Geometry(JCSG), an open source and free tool to model 3D printable objects created by Michael Hoffer, who will be onsite at JavaOne.






    Finished RetroPi.JPG





    Gaming Station: Play your favorite Nintendo games on a retro handheld console, powered by Java, running on a Raspberry Pi, and printed on a 3D printer. It is optimized using Flight Recorder and is connected to Oracle cloud.







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    Cloud Coffee Service: Get a custom cup of coffee by ordering it via the JavaOne GluOn Application. The demo was built using sensors and Java Embedded.







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    Voting Machine: Vote on each JavaOne session you attend. The voting machine was built with Java SE Embedded on Raspberry Pi, server-side Java backend, analytic software and runs on Oracle Application Container Cloud Service. The most popular sessions will be on display at the Java Hub.





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    Duke Embroidery: Experience how to automatically sew a Duke design. Toni Epple created a Java-powered sewing machine with DukeScript and Java.












    IoT Workshop: In this hands-on workshop, you will code an application using IoT Cloud kit, sensors, gateway, Oracle Internet of Things cloud and the MQTT protocol











    IoT Sensitive Computing: Use Intel RealSense, a sensitive camera, to recognize hands, face expression, short movements and then convert it to network requests that control things like relays and Philips Hue wireless lamps: you can control your house using your smile! And to make it even more fun, we developed a Java Processing Sketch that can convert musical notes to MQTT messages that also control lamps and colors.




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