Use dynamic content Within Eloqua footers

Version 2

    Dynamic content can be used within Eloqua footer.

    Simply create an eloqua dynamic content, get it's eloqua tag and paste it in the footer.


    See a sample where I use two dynamic content pieces inside an eloqua footer.

    IMPORTANT: use the eloqua tag, that is <eloqua> and NOT the <span> tag in order to call the dynamic content.


    Continue to the email and select the footer in the email settings.


    This will be displayed right.



    - using the footer asset of eloqua will enable for accurate tracking of clickthroughs is Insight;

    - if the footer is dynamic and simple added to the email body html content and not set as an Eloqua footer (in this case for the header and footer above you create and select blank ones), the clickthrough metrics will contain also the clicks in the footer (where you most probably have at least an unsubscribe link or change preference link.)


    Hope it helps,



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