Leading An Adopt-A-JSR Effort

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    Each Adopt a JSR group works on JSRs in their own way. Some meet Face to Face, some co-ordinate over email, others have Skype sessions, whatever way works with your group is fine.

    Every JUG/individual/organisation will want to work differently, we simply suggest is that you put together a wiki similar to LJC's Adopt a JSR Program for your overal program and for each JSR, a wiki similar to LJC's Adoption page for JSR-310 - New Date and Time.

    Also see Java EE Adopt-a-JSR page for a list of Java EE JSRs and the Spec Lead requests from Adopt-a-JSR program participants.

    Getting started

    This section (taken from Somay Nakhal's work) contains some guidance for JUG members who are leading an Adopt a JSR group as used by the LJC. Take as much or as little of it as you need!

    Once a group has really gotten going the leader(s) of the Adopt a JSR group might find it useful to:


    Create a Collaboration space

    Create a collaboration space for your efforts, e.g. LJC JSR-310 page

    1. This space can contain the links to resources such as the JSR project page (typically a java.net projects), mailing lists, conference talks, presentations downloads... etc related to the JSR
    2. Add the link to this on the JSR wiki page on the Global Matrix at Who is Adopting JSRs


    Contact the spec lead

    1. Contact the Spec Lead for the JSR, introducing yourself and explaining your intended involvement.


    Find volunteers in your JUG or organization

    Send an initial email to interested adoptees

    1. Introduce yourself and why you are interested in the JSR
    2. Briefly explain the JCP process (depending on the familiarity of the adoptees)
    3. Talk about the JSR and it's current state
    4. Ask them to introduce themselves and why they are interested in the JSR
    5. Ask interested adoptees to check the details on the Adopt a JSR page and provide their opinion.


    Identify areas that need help

    Identify areas where the JSR needs help / or areas that your group want to work on. See What to work on for a JSR

    1. Co-ordinate your activities with the spec lead and expert group on the official JSR mailing lists.
    2. Encourage genuine experts within the adoptees to join the Expert Group.
    3. Email the adoptees about updates related to the JSR: eg voting results, availability of drafts...etc.


    Organize Talks and Hackdays

    Typically you'll:

    1. Give lighting talk(s) or full length presentations about the subject matter and the JSR by yourself/adoptees.
    2. Arrange F2F hackdays/meet-ups to work on the JSR - (How to Run a Hackday).


    Give Feedback

    It's vital that after a talk or a hackday that all of the feedback is collated and sent back into the Spec Lead and the EG

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