Modern Marketing: Content Targeting

Version 16

    Content marketing is about developing and delivering content that creates the right sales opportunities. The right content needs to reach the right people at the right time. So, how do you ensure that you craft content your prospects seek and deliver it to them when they seek it? How do you target content towards the bull's eye? An effective content targeting strategy is the obvious answer. What isn't quite obvious is how you go about formulating and implementing the strategy.


    The Modern Marketing: Content Targeting OnDemand course equips you with knowledge to adopt and implement an effective content targeting strategy. You can choose to learn best practices specific to the B2B or B2C industry depending on relevance to you. This 30-minute elearning will enable you to:

    • Define your target audience or personas
    • Identify the persona's journey to purchase and beyond
    • Craft and map content to meet the persona's requirement throughout the purchase process
    • Coordinate with marketing and sales teams for best results




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