How Long is My Course Credit Valid Toward Accreditations?

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    Credit for courses taken through Oracle University Marketing Cloud will be valid for 12 months from the date the course was attended (instructor-led courses) or completed (web-based training). After 12 months without achievement of accreditation, courses should be re-taken in order to prepare for examination and maintain relevance. Once accreditation is achieved, you won't be required to re-take courses as long as your title is renewed yearly, explained in more detail here.


    Why is credit limited to 12 months?


    As yearly titles, Oracle University Marketing Cloud accreditations are meant to keep students on the cutting-edge of Modern Marketing principles. Training prepares you to excel as a marketing practitioner and offers a path toward these career-boosting accreditations. The programs have been developed around innovative principles and the content is updated periodically. This course credit limit allows you to maintain your education at top industry standards.


    How can I continue progress toward accreditation from one year to the next?


    If you haven't completed all steps toward an accreditation by the annual deadline, you can continue your progress in the new year. If pursuing a Master accreditation, you'll simply complete any remaining training in the new year and your Master courses taken in the past 12 months will apply. Take the current year Master exam, associated with your marketing cloud platform, to achieve accreditation.


    If you're pursuing the B2B Luminary accreditation and are in progress at the end of a calendar year, you'll need to complete any remaining requirements and new course requirements , or bridge courses, for the new year. You won't have to repeat eligible Luminary courses that you've taken in the last 12 months. Once all course requirements are complete, take the current year B2B Luminary exam and upon passing, you'll receive information about the final steps in the B2B Luminary process -- the Hands-on Practical Exercise and the Thought Leadership Blog Post.


    What happens to my training history if my pass expires?


    If your pass expires, your transcript will remain on file with Oracle University Marketing Cloud. However, progress toward accreditation requires an active education pass. If your pass expires and you later renew or are assigned a new pass, your training history can be restored to reflect training completed within 12 months of the renewal or reassignment. Read more here to learn how course credit can be transferred to a pass with a new employer.