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    E-Science Library Project

    We are interested in aggregating digital library services, as well as other digitized services, to make them available via a web-based server at American University of Armenia (AUA). We are seeking discounted digital library services from major scientific organizations (e.g., ACM, IEEE). In addition to providing these library resources for researchers in the country it would help bridge the digital divide by providing their paid subscription services at a greatly reduced (appropriate) rate in support of this project.

    Similar digital library services are currently offered in Iraq through the Iraqi Virtual Science Library project to Armenia. Sun Microsystems is developing the Iraqi Virtual Science Library project. The following link provides more information for the IVSL project

    This infrastructure would assist researchers in Armenia by providing access to digital libraries, as well as other digitized library resources in a convenient manner. A Sun Fire T2000 Server will be utilized for the project.

    Note the following brief description from the site used to develop the software infrastructure that is provided for the project: "The objective is to build a software package that can be deployed at institutions like universities or libraries, and give access to journal publishers in a controlled way based on user identities and roles.  Most journal publishers have their own set of security constraints (IP address control, Shibboleth, Athens,...) . This project will build modules to deal with each of them.  The project will also include a user registration/management component. The project is sponsored by Sun."

    The software infrastructure has been developed as part of a java.net project. New software will be added to the project to enhance services

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