j1-2k8-mtT09: Java User Group: How to Find One, How to Start One Blog

    Java User Groups are a very valuable resource. They are great for increasing your own knowledge and understanding of the Java ecosystem and they provide an excellent opportunity for you to give back to the community that has done so much for you.

    • If you are just starting out in Java, a JUG is a great place to meet and ask questions of more experienced developers.
    • If you've already learned all there is to know about Java then come on out and share some of your genius with the rest of us.
    • If you've been doing Java for a while and it's just not as exciting as it used to be, then come to a JUG and get energized!
    • No matter where you're at in your Java career, your participation in a JUG will be a benefit to you and others.

    In this mini-session we will talk about how to find the JUG nearest you. Then, if there is no JUG near you, we'll show you how easy it is to start one and where you can go to find help.

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