j1-2k8-mtT12: EDR - Master Your Distributed Data Blog

    Are you experiencing challenges handling complex data from disjointed and disparate source systems? Is your application's performance affected by slow back-end systems?

    The Enterprise Domain Repository (EDR) pattern recognizes that we are still in the stone age of data integration. EDR is a new pattern gathering these challenges into a service that produces real Domain Objects, while also coping with the complexity of handling disjointed data-sources, back-end performance and mastering strategies.

    The enterprise of today typically has a business domain spanning several core systems, often referred to as silo applications. Domain Objects generated from these systems are often disjointed with varying data quality. In addition the SLA requirements can vary for each system. The architecture imposed by these challenges create great difficulties in a SOA context.

    In this Mini-Talk you will learn one way to:

    • integrate using native Java domain objects.
    • use automatic moderator functionality to improve data quality.
    • take control of your data for READ and WRITE to disjoint back-ends.
    • implement "fire and forget" updates, even when the back-end is offline.

    Please see https://edr.dev.java.net/ for more information on Enterprise Domain Repository.

    EDR is the result of experiences gained working with .Net and Java customers. Now we want to work with the Community to improve on the usage of this pattern.

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