j1-2k8-mtT13: EDR-MDS A less is more aproach to Master Data Services Blog

    Service Oriented Architecture is all over us. There seems to be some kind of consensus that one type of SOa services are domain object repository services - and vendors are monitoring and releasing their SOA Data Server products to close the gap. By pioneering the SOA space with EDR, we quickly had to solve the Master Data challenge in SOA.

    This talk will discuss the main contenders for the ownership of your business objects definitions, and comment on their consequences - and then follow up with a "less is more" approach to enable companies to gain the combined advantages of all the platforms by extending the EDR pattern to also include Master Data Service features.

    The Enterprise Domain Repository (EDR) pattern recognizes that we are still in the stone age of data integration. Please see https://edr.dev.java.net/ for more information on Enterprise Domain Repository.

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