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    (Not So) Stupid Questions

    >>, >>>, <<, and ?: operators

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    This may be a stupid question, but ... "There are some weird Java operators I don't understand."

    First thoughts:

    In my development, I often use the operators for mathematical functions (+, -, *, etc.), assigning values (=), testing values (==, >, >=, etc.), and combinations of these (+=).

    But sometimes, in other people's code, I occasionally see some weird "greater than/less than" type operators like >> and <<.  I assume those aren't the mathematical "much greater than" and "much less than," but then, what are they?  There's also a "question mark" operator (?) that really isn't very self-descriptive.  What is that supposed to be telling me?

    My question is:

    What are these operators, what do they do, and why would I ever want or need to use them?