j1-2k7-mtT14: Keaton: Calling QTKit from Java Blog

    Want to play audio, video, or multimedia in a Java application? QuickTime for Java opened the door to Apple's extensive QuickTime library, but times are changing and QTJ seems headed for deprecation. In fact, Apple is pushing Mac developers away from the old procedural-C QuickTime API altogether. In its place is a new object-oriented, Cocoa-aligned framework called QTKit. Great for Objective-C programmers, but what about the Java crowd? The Keaton project, something of a successor to Lloyd, will create a one-to-one mapping of Java objects to Obj-C objects, so you can work with QTMovies and QTMovieViews directly in Java code. Come see this talk to see how it works and how you can use it in your Mac Java application.

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